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"Yes, Maynard did "maynard" his scv's over to his natural when he expanded there. Hmm, I should be shot for saying Maynard 'maynarded' , eh?"

#1 Drefsab[28791]
Ack, those controls are a bitch<i>!</i>

Its the thought that counts though :-)

#2 [z]RubberDucky[28794]
#3 DFA[28796]
Yeah, PITA!! Probe can't move or i couldn't move it and rotation is much to slow to react to incoming. Range is short. YOU'RE A SITTING DUCK!! no pun really

#4 Sp|nE[28803]
I could make a god damn better astroids game than that
#5 [z]RubberDucky[28805]
Your welcome to try, Spine.

If you couldn't do anything at the start, you probabally didn't press 's' to begin the game. Duh.
#6 [z]RubberDucky[28807]
Bah, some how I messed up the instructions for the game, or you IDIOTS DID NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PRESSING PLAY
#7 SqueakyMonkey[28808]
Score: 5250. <br>
I own you all.
#8 WhoopeeCushion[28810]
i love just holdin the down key and watchin that bastard zoom across the screen
#9 Sp|nE[28812]

Why cant i move the damn probe

Why does the weapon die when it hits about 1/3 of the screen length

And that "S" looks very much like an "A" ... I had to zoom in to see the damn thing.
#10 [z]RubberDucky[28814]
You can't move the damn probe cause your doing it wrong. That S looks fine to me. The weapon dies when it's about 1/3 the screen lenghth because thats standard procedure in a Asteroids type game, and if it went on forever, you'd never miss.
#11 [28815]
I woulda liked it better if it was in Java or if Ducky wrote it himself. I've played better Java asteroid games so I wasn't very impressed.
#12 [z]RubberDucky[28816]
What do you mean "Wrote it himself"
#13 Dino Din[28819]
bah you all suck, I broke 100k! wooo 12 ships... level 31... mmm... 12 ships? i never used one of those though, i did seem to use a probe. Hence the name of game, hmmm? :)
#14 [z]RubberDucky[28820]

No, I only called it probeteriods because Probe told me to. The fact that I used a probe as the ship had nothing to do with the name.

#15 [nD-3]Garett[28823]
Its fun if u hold the down key and watch it go about 1 hundred miles per hour across the screen and make it do flips and stuff.
#16 [z]RubberDucky[28825]
Ya'll have perverted senses of humor
#17 Krebster[28826]
once i hit 100000 11 ships i got bored and had fun making the ship go really fast and do flips
#18 dynomike[28830]
845000, got i rock
#19 Bloodangel[28833]
That brings back memories.
#20 Muerte[28837]
Awesome, now someone upload frogger
#21 Sluggy[28840]
Hell yes! btw lmao @ sp|ne ^^
#22 [z]RubberDucky[28841]

I'm already on it, Only I'm calling it Goon-Crossing =p
#23 NotDefault[28849]
Hmmm... a good game, except NEVER EVER move, 'cause you'll end up running into asteroids more than they run into you that way :). The major problem is that the asteroids have a nasty tendency to spawn right on top of you, which kills you. Temporary invulnerability directly after an asteroid spawn, or asteroids that don't spawn on top of you would be nice. The only current way to combat it is by activating shields right before distroying the last mini-asteroid, but that leaves no shields for anything else, and gives you only a split-second of protection (not enough in most cases).

#24 [NEC]Sanguinius[28852]
#25 [{o}][28854]
Hey this crap is pretty fun!
#26 Fox^1[28860]
Kick ass! Small screen! Don't have much room to move. Ducky I am surprised that you when you die that you didn't have a flash stating that you are gay. It would have been much more cool.

#27 Blank[28861]
Down makes my ship move... s is shields....

If you fire more than 3 shots, the 1st shot fired will disappear.

I quit cause blowing up asteroids gets pretty boring... wanna make it fun? Add the freakin' space ship! :] Especially the really really small one, man, that one was a bitch to kill.

#28 Alita99[28864]
Ducky... with a 10.0 rating...

What's the world coming to? =p

OK Ducky, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but any rater out there can easily make this rating to go down...

*hint hint*

We'll see where it is by the end of the week.
#29 [{o}][28868]
I wonder why people think ducky makes bad reports.
Alita99: I really don't think this is gonna go down or maybe it will but ducky does not make bad reports. He has many gold reports out there and with his lifetime rating of 6 1/2 is not too bad considering he has so many reports.
#30 [z]RubberDucky[28870]
Umm...It's a lifetime average of 6.8, with 40 repotrs submitted under this name. 6.8 is pretty good thow, considdering there are only 10 numbers in 1-10 =p
#31 [CAT]Willzzz[28871]
well the 's' button is annoying.. an asteroid is just about to hit you, so you quickly jab 's'only to find you have died and then respawned inside another asteriod, needs seperate buttons for shield and start...

oh and it doesn't reset the direction of your laser when you respawn, and is that high score thing supposed to work?
#32 Alita99[28873]
[{o}], I've been one of the biggest supporters of TheRubberDucky since he first started writing on I rib him for his less than 10.0 reports because he promised me he'd get the "next 10.0 report" (and I think he secretly likes all the attention)... Ducky, you masochist! =p

But, I never said Ducky wrote bad reports. It's just that with an elusive 10.0 report under his belt, he might just get the equally elusive "rater" status he's been pestering Mark4 for since the beginning.

Mark4, remember Ducky's bat? =)
Ducky, remember Mark4's gun? =p

<font size=1>*waits for Mark4 to delete all relevant postings concerning his promise to make Ducky a rater when he gets a 10.0 rating on a report.*</font>
#33 [z]RubberDucky[28877]
Actually, I have already gotten two tens. They were just dilluted by a pair of nines, in the same report. Oh well. =[

Flash ownz ur bonez!
#34 [z]RubberDucky[28878]
The highscore thing is not working, it just keeps putting int he default when I try to set it to send my email CGI, which I would then update. So far, Al I have is that JV has done a 3 billion score at level 200.
#35 [z]RubberDucky[28882]
Hey JV, can I have the thing reverted to n/a status, because IMHO opinion it don't deserve no ten =]
#36 [z]RubberDucky[28883]
Hmm...Well now it's 5.5.
#37 Alita99[28889]
Hmmm... one 10.0, one 1.0.

Looks like Mark4 was here! =p

#38 <font color= "prozerran">LadyKnight</font>[28931]
<font color= "neonblue">How do u attack???? all i could do was sheilds and moving!!!!</font>
#39 [z]RubberDucky[28932]
Press your space bar.
#40 GoldenH[28969]
Yo Ducky.. nice game... how about, Muta Commander? You can shoot missiles at mutas and stuff... :) The harder Mutas can be Guardians or Devs :)

It's been so long since I played this game.. ack... booooom :)
Somebody suggested those UFO things... make it a wraith heh.
Maybe not a 10.0, but sure beats a 8 :) You'd get a 10 for originality tho heh.

It took me forever to kick my PC's ass to find out why nothing works tho :/ stupid CD-R drive.

BTW... are you going to write up, GoldenH vs The Aliens? :)

That was one fun game.
#41 [z]RubberDucky[28980]
No, skitkat messed it up by killing mog, even though 4 people were repeatedly telling him not to.
#42 tff~skull[29058]
that was cool as shit thnx ducky
#43 RoYaL~Loner_101[29100]
Hey ducky guy if u make more....send the test flash4plugin
to ok cya

also known as
- -=MagicMaster=-
#44 GoldenH[29105]
Well, okay.. I want a rematch tho :)
#45 VRAM1974[29124]
This flash movie crashes Netscape.
Netscape is broken.
This is a recording.
#46 Hellish`Glory[29157]
You should have made the astroids giant zerglings!
#47 S^O[29234]
i got 39345 on one time, but, i cudnt enter it on the high score thing...dammit
#48 TaloN[39459]
Probe has absolutely no life. Period.
#49 PeaceableGhost[149888]
This is what I get for reading all the old rooks corner interviews...

219750, darn it.
#50 PeaceableGhost[155805]
#51 PeaceableGhost[156136]
I have no life.


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