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"Oh, you need to have 1800+ ladder, and two penises. Mmmm, balls are optional."
- WaxAngel, on what's neccesary to be a battlereporter.

#1 King-Lewis[25683]
#2 [25685]
#3 T_Mac[25686]
3rd! weeeeeeeeee
#4 [HS]Persian[25687]
Bob is full of it. I refuse to believe that this is Tmac actually losing a game.
#5 T_Mac[25688]
Btw, that thing ice did to me was sad :(
#6 T_Mac[25690]
Oh, and that dweb picture was just abusive.
#7 T_Mac[25691]
Im giving bob more comments
#8 T_Mac[25692]
In the hope that he'll br me again
#9 T_Mac[25693]
And btw, i set up those additional turrets cuz i saw that shuttle dicking around, or maybe its cuz he had already psi raided me once............. The game was months ago damnit....
#10 Fractal_Wave[25694]
holy GOD. Bob, this is great. and Holy Mother, if I see that much D-web, just strike me dead on the spot.


All the best,
#11 RS.anime(RS)[25696]
Anouther masterpice from our master Bob_The_Newt
#12 JoLLy~TeAcuP<font color=red> (BR.COM TeaCup)<font color=black>[25698]
Bob is gay ^^

good report
#13 Drefsab[25702]

<i>Mac's plan to kill the zealots in the explosion fails</i>

hehe, that first report was funny enough to stand alone, the second report was just a bonus.

#14 [25705]
Bring it on Bob!! Bring it on!!
#15 kakaru[25706]
hahahaha hilarious
awesome report
#16 Sp|nE[25707]

I luv u bob =]

#17 [25709]
Wow, great report bob, on a great series of games. Funny too! haha
#18 ~Talon~[25713]
I beat tmac and persian once ^^
#19 Chris.Tan[25715]
Nice shit bob=)
I feel like playing sc...and I would...except my dog (who's exactly the same size as a pumpkin) ate BOTH my vanilla and bw cds=(
I"m contemplating whether or not it's good to buy both again for the "third" time. Ugh.
#20 [25717]
What can I say me and Ice are newbie bashers :)

Oh yeah awesome report. I got your email and was like...hmmm rambo probe?

#21 [25720]
Newbie Bashing 101, we presents Dr. Whoop who had 354 past experience in taunting newbies in the most disgusting way.
#22 AxeGrinder01[25722]
Great Report Bob!!!!!

Hopefully one day I can get there.

It was hilarious to see the probe rumble and beat 2 scvs

#23 King-Lewis[25723]
That 1st game was the funniest game i ever play. Ive never seen noone been so distract by a probe that he didnt even finish barrack b4 1st zealot came ROFL!! Only T_Mac (When he dont disc) can give us these entertaining moments :)

T_Mac we luv u ...

Peace all, cya on bnet
#24 Dino Din[25726]
great report, definetly deserving of a 10, and I must say these are some great battles shots.
#25 [25731]
Something... origimawhassis to say in the comments... thinks... um... hmmm... got to think...


Don't go see "The Talented Mr.Ripley" unless you enjoy a story about a young, gay, homicidal, necrophiliac, sociopath. If you enjoy all of those things, like Bob, I highly recommend it as a must see.

If you pretty much don't care to see a man oogiling another man's privates and men snuggling onscreen, skip it. You'll note that in the previews, they show the ONE clip of the killer kissing a girl and talk nothing about this MAJOR aspect of the story... why do you think that is?

I dunno what made me think of it other than reading a Bob report... =)

Good report as usual.

#26 [25732]
I'm gonna go see that right now.
#27 [25734]
I saw that Ripley movie. Gay with a capitol G. But besides being gay it wasn't that bad. It's not like it was a movie of uninterrupted buttsex or something. If you want to see that kind of movie, go see "My dinner with T_Mac" starring Bob_The_Newt
#28 Warphead[25735]
I still can't believe Bob spelt his name right...
#29 Von Doom[25737]
hey! Way to go bobby!!!
That was pure excellence, as always..
Whoopy rulez..

#30 Ronin~[25739]
now i get it, king stop sending me icq messages about that damn ripley movie. i dont want to see it with you. great report bobo, ur sarcasm is sexy. Whoop owns YAY, always a good thing and ICE IS NICE. i'll still take ya'll on any day ^^

#31 Ahs_the_Newt[25742]
Cool, bob did a report with A-X members winning!
Nice job bob, with the absence of new ssd4 reports, your's became a nobrainer choice to read.

GJ, you always make the best reports^^

#32 Chargon[25743]
me thinks this is my favorite report ever...

u own bob.

#33 [25744]
after being beat by offensive-cannons yesterday in a very embarrassing way, I can feel so much with TMac that...
... Im lmao over him =]

#34 DoomDragon[25752]
VERY good report bob, I'm voting for you for the hall of fame. And in one game i played VS a newbie terran, a game where i scouted with two probes to find my opponent faster, i did the same thing that was doen to T_mac, and i followed it up with 2 early goons, and won. I luv that strat ^^
#35 Lorak[25753]
Lol, losing to a probe!
#36 [25756]
Since we're talking about Ripley instead of Bob's report mostly, yeah, the first hour or so is pretty good. Then it starts to become a gay love story/psycho movie where you're supposed to feel sorry for the psycho. But even looking past all the undertones, which I enjoyed about as much as turning on what I thought was a football game and seeing professional aerobics instead, the movie should have ended about 6 times about 45 minutes before it finally did.

That's what I like about you Bob. When your reports are Gay, you just come flat out and say it. You don't trick people into thinking your reports are hetero, then, after you've tricked us into spending $8 to read your report, you start whispering sweet nothings to T_Mac... Bob just comes right out and tells you what you're getting. Way to go BOB!
#37 Fuzzus[25757]
I thought I was in a slump, but now the story of T_Mac losing to a probe has given me hope. Thanks, Bob!
#38 [25772]
I fixed the one pic that didn't work.
#39 [z]RubberDucky[25812]
that ripley movie sucked go see the messenger it is cool =]
#40 JSH[25813]
OOOH, I remember this game and was wondering where the BR was. Actually I hadn't been wondering all this time, I was wondering for a little while and then totally forgot about it. Until today!

By the way, I wasn't in the Rambo Probe game, which is why I was asking "one probe?" I kinda wish I'd seen it but this will do. :)
#41 [25817]
"It's not like it was a movie of uninterrupted buttsex or something"

Now if that's not a great Johnny quote I don't know what one is =]

Kick ass report Bob. I can't believe Gay_Mac lets himself get owned like that.
#42 shockwave[25851]
Gross, guys :-b.
BTW: about 12 stimmed marines against two sunkens, I wonder if that would have worked on normal LT? Dark Temple has wider ramps, so marines can get up and in range easier. Oh well, just a thought. Great reports, both of them.
#43 GameOverZ[25859]
Bob was right. Be glad i don't have your address. :)

Bob, you deserved every point you got. Great Work.
#44 [25860]
I thought when I posted my anti-Mr.Ripley post, I'd get all sorts of people calling me a homophobe because I didn't find it amusing to watch the previews depict a high action, suspenseful movie where Gwyenth Paltrow is the love interest... yet I get to the theater, and I find I've been tricked into sitting through what is almost a Romeo and Juliet, but Juliet is named "Dickey", and instead of killing himself out of dispare... our Romeo kills Juliet with an oar, then cuddles the dead body. And even if it would have just been regular old Romeo and Juliet... that's not exactly a movie I'd pay to see.

I wonder how much money this piece of crap would have made if they'd shown that in the previews? From now on... I don't go to see a movie unless I know what it's about.

Among the few enjoyable moments in the beginning were seeing a great depiction of post WW2 Italy, seeing the Queen Mary, and I think that the Italian club scene was pretty cool. Otherwise the movie left me a scarred and jaded individual.

BTW: Whoop must have had great macro to carry Ice back from the dead vs 2 terrans... Terran units are just so crazy efficient once you get past the whole detection deal.
#45 GameOverZ[25865]
Crazy efficient? Then why are the Terrans dead?

The Terran guys did hold their own pretty well. Usually goons will run over any race, but these Terrans put them down. I love it.
#46 TheCabbit[25873]
#47 Ghost~LiZarD[25889]
Me and Kak beat lewis and some other guy, ^_^
#48 [25890]
Terrans beat most anything in tight confines except Protoss air. Storm can also be a large problem.

Marines and Medics OWN goons if you just have about half again as many marines. Goons do well if they can pick their fights and you have insane micro to use 4 to focus fire... more focusing fire will waste valuable shots.

If you are facing 2 terrans on a 4 player map, where space and resources aren't in surplus without supreme map control, you're in trouble. Why?

Terran M&M with Science Vessels OWN zerg except ultralisks. Tanks with support OWN all ground if there isn't room to expand past the push. Ghosts with lockdown generally own all Toss, except zealots.

Sure in a 1-1 Terran suck because they are too slow to react all over the map. 2 Terran have double the detection, half the space to cover, and one can go factory while the other goes hard infantry. All you have to do is survive past the cloak rush stage.

Look at it this way, Whoop and Ice are individually better than King or T_Mac. But how close was this game? Terran have the easiest defense vs a double rush too... and if it does get in... zealots and zerglings can't finish you off, so you can float off, and with a good enough partner, get back into it.
#49 [IceBerG][25891]
Lol... I have to add my peace. I was basically out of it most of the game. The thing that I did well was die. You see, when you die... you shouldn't just die... you drag it out. When the push was on me, I built sunkens further away and kept delaying the inevidable. Since everything was on me, including the opponents attention, Whoop did what he does best, expand. He usually doesn't help, he'll expand... and expand... maybe attack... then expand...etc. I don't remember the exacts of this game, but the end was fun. I had been confined to the top-left island, losing everything. I had managed to build a pool on the island, but only having 1 hatch, ling drops weren't gonna help much. Factor in the fact that I had a TON of money, I decided that I needed more troops. Then the thought came to build sunkens on the ledge. He didn't have any tanks, and I think we know how well rines do to higher ground sunkens. :-)

There was one other thing I wanted to say too. Actually I was going to make a post today about this, and this report shows it. I go DRONE MADNESS with zerg. My biggest downfall... :( Appears I did that in this game too. lol... oh well.

btw- GREAT report Bob. :-) U are gosu.
#50 AllKnight[25892]
Great report - loved the hidden messages.
#51 [IceBerG][25894]
My response to HC. Yes... terran (IMO) in any situation... be it 1v1 or 2v2, LATE game are as good as any other race. My big disagreement here is that you really can't say King < me. I honestly think King is probably better, but I don't know for sure.

The whole reason this game was so close didn't have anything to do with the double terran. The game was close because I wasn't a factor in it, except as a target. Take any race matchup in a 2v2 and have one player almost dead, the team with 2 "healthy" players will obviously have the advantage. As far as terran goes, I think they are about equal with toss in the later part of the game. But yes, goons < rines w/ medic support. I used to be a decent terran rine guy, but playing the better players, I learned what the 'T' button does for a ht. In equal resources...Goons < rines but goons + 1 ht > rines.
#52 BLuRReD{Sky}[25895]
losing to a probe, heh. BTW, whoop you may be good at starcraft but your an asshole. Bleh.

#53 GameOverZ[25899]
Well YRM, from my experiences Goons>MedMarines.
When I go goons I micro in groups of 2 or 3 so the movement isn't so messy. Usually the terran will try to micro, but they can't take out a goon in 2 shots, 3 shots can they?
If they have any kind of support, the terran dies. In the early and late game it works for me. The micro works out in the toss's favor, not the terrans, imo.

You are right about vessels and marines, but that's a given. On the other hand, the terran could already be dead due to lurkers. You can't rely on comsat for detection, and it's worthless to push your way to his base w/ turrets. By that time, he has the tools to kill everything you have. If you live long enough, the zerg are almost doomed to fail. That's what terran is all about. Live long enough, and you are almost sure to win ('cept for carriers+arbs+'sairs).

Also, containing a toss only gives you a small opening to expand. I've observed a few games where the terran contained. But when the templars, mass goons and dweb come the terran either quits because he knows he's dead, or dies after a slow, drawn-out battle. Again, Terran is all about living long enough to win. When you can give your stuff 250 hp, things start looking up.

This doesn't apply to some people. Some people are really agressive terrans, and I've died to plenty of em. I just lost a game along with pitt and necro against 3 terrans. They all danced their marines, and we couldn't stop them.

Maybe I'm just one of those people who don't play Terran to their full potential...I dunno. Guess you're right, YRM!

#54 vierge[25908]
Wow!!! that's a really awsome report bob... like all the pictures and the slide show.. hehe... keep it up and see you on bnet...
#55 BJack[25933]
Alright, I only got one question that can be answered by probably a lot of skillful people. How do you make the screenshots that are big and long? the ones longer than a screenshot jpg will allow. YRM did it beautifully in his WW3 report and it was done with skill here too, so now I'm wondering....many thanks to whomever answers.
#56 Mogalin[25954]
I just looked at the <font color="ffcc00">purdy</font> pictures I will read it later =P.
#57 [25970]
Damn all I can say is if you think I'm an asshole then you must be a first class - grade A moron. (Super Sized)
#58 SCV[25976]
Hey bob, resubmit this awesome report under the name "SCV" ok? =)
#59 probe[26003]
<font size=144> raar! </font>
#60 Macdonough[26084]
Nice alt text title for rambo probe
#61 BLuRReD[26285]
really now? How much do your lame ass comments prove my point? The world may never know.

#62 S^O[26381]
that was funny. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahah(okay, i'll stop now)hahahha(oops)
#63 look up ^[26382]
wweeee, its fun to scroll side ways and see a bunch of "haha's"
#64 Cearas[84649]
last. =]
#65 [93276]
hi bob

p.s.- u suck
#66 Cearas[93469]
#67 Dux0r[94580]
hehe goz is an idiot =]
#68 Dux0r[94581]
hehe goz is an idiot =]
#69 StoneColdNewbie[96108]
Last comment, Thx.
#70 Shadow D'Arc[102875]
Last comment, HAHAHA SCN

Shadow D'Arc
#71 John[103045]
#72 [103901]
hello welcome to ICQ
#73 [114174]
ahh memories ;o
#74 hi[114432]
who fucked up the comment section :(
#75 CrackHeadJeb[114511]
Who'sGotLag.IDO had chat04.gif. Report fully restored.

4/17/02 1:31 PM CST.

#76 Bob the Newt[147138]
its not fully restored there used to be an animated gif didnt there?
#77 wakiki[155054]

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