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"maynard just sucks nuts"

#1 JPaikman ([22226]
In a continuing tradition

First Comment!!

#2 [EX]-Hellfire ([22227]
2nd comment

Fan-fucking-tastic report!! I love it, keep up the good work
#3 Laean ([22229]
Hahaha great report! Ensnare templars and plague archons, hahaha! I think Jpaikman should've gone ultras + hydras instead of going air. And by the way he was using queens and defilers it's not like he didn't have the resources. I don't know why people don't use ultras that much. They can take a lot of abuse, especially psi-storm. Don't expect to keep them around all game because they will die, but they dish out a buttload of pain before they die if given the chance to. There was this 1v2 game that I played recently with LordKheldar (I think that's how you spell his name) and some other Lord**** where my partner (some sissy by the name of Inix or something) left on me after his one hydra drop didn't work (he complained "now this is the part where they mass SV us" and then just left, what a pussy), where I managed to take out 3 or so terran expansions and almost their main with 6+ OLs ultra drops. He had tanks, bunkers, didn't matter. Yeah I lost all those ultras, but then they lost 3 of their bases and half their main if I remember correctly. Only reasons why I didn't do better that game was because they got battlecruisers before my defilers were ready. =( Uh...anyway great report!
#4 Omnipresent ([22232]
I see no reason why this report doesn't deserve a 10... There's every zerg unit used but ultras, a very long game, wonderful pictures, and no spelling errors. I will hunt down any rater that rates this a 9 ;/
#5 (fjwilson.reshall.uc[22238]
There were a few spelling errors =). I love it when someone "raises" a base. Look, it floats!!

(it's 'razes')
#6 Annihilator ([22240]
WoW! This report really blew me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's definetely one of the best reports around..
Keep up the good work!
#7 TheAmazedDucky ([22242]

#8 WilliamWC3 ([22243]
I hate commenting so early since I know it will just lead to me spamming my own comment section but since no one else is doing it for me...

[Ex]-Hellfire: I award you with 50 bonus points for being the first person to call one of my reports fan-fucking-tastic. AWESOME!! I'm glad you liked it.

Laean: Thanks. I'm not sure seeings how I kind of suck at starcraft but don't zealots rip up ultralisks. Its what I've been told anyway. uncle_a was basically pumping zealots and templars with lots of zealots. I think the key to the game for JPaikman was not to build different troops but to macro better and to time his attacks better. Maybe he should have used his queens to parasite so he would know
when to attack which expansion. He seemed to frequently
attack the expansion with the most amount of troops and the
least amount of minerals remaining. I also think a couple
of zergling / hydralisk / lurker drops might have been effective. I didn't see him use overlords the whole game. Of course I suck so don't ask me.

Omnipresent: Raters, you here that? Thanks Omni

.Praetor: arghh.. Unfortunately I do not have any form of spell check on my computer at the moment and I was born a horrible speller. I tried to proofread the report but it took me so many frieking hours to write that I couldn't stand to look at the thing anymore. Plus I just wanted to get it uploaded before some freak lightening storm shorted out my hard drive. (I have some irrational fears) Anyway, I don't think you want to start a spelling war, you have a lot more text in your reports than mine; I'm sure I could find some good ones. Well, thanks for pointing that out even if it was in a mocking tone. There are other mistakes too, but there is no need for anyone to go hunting.

Wow, 2 10's. Quick somebody upload a virus or something.

#9 Dark~Ferret ([22247]
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="Microsoft Word 97">
<TITLE>Holy Shit Batman - unbelievable report</TITLE>
<META NAME="Template" CONTENT="C:Program FilesMicrosoft">
<BODY LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080">

<FONT FACE="Goudy Stout" SIZE=6 COLOR="#ffff00"><P>Ho</FONT><FONT FACE="Goudy Stout" SIZE=6 COLOR="#ffff00">ly Shit Batman - unbelievable report!</P>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Goudy Stout" SIZE=5 COLOR="#ffff00"><P>I don't know where to begin, the blood, the guts, the images, the descriptions, the observer comments, the animated gif, the background. Man, you put must have put an enormous amount of work in on this. Just some typos, otherwise, top 1-5 I've ever seen. </P>
<P> </P>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Goudy Stout" SIZE=6 COLOR="#ffff00"><P>9.99999999999999999999999999!</P></FONT></BODY>
#10 (dt030n35.tampabay.rr[22249]
I was determined to give you a retributive 9 as soon as I saw you stealing my "I could watch this all day", but after seeing the "'ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch' - thought process of a mutalisk" I just couldn't bare to do it.


p.s. dont be an ass in the comments section ferret =[
#11 Snowreaver ([22250]
Damn nice report... happens to be the first one that's choked bandwith on my T1 here, too. ;/
#12 JudgePagLIVR ([22252]
I just wanna say that if the phrase "Me watchy! Me watchy! Me monkey boy! kakakakakaka" is not in's random quote generator, it should be :)
#13 Dark~Ferret ([22253]
Doh! HTML outta control. Anyway - this one deserves 100+ coments, easily!
#14 loserboye ([22254]
i loved it and since this comp i am currently using doesn't load pics,the text was that much more important!
and what good text it was
now i will go to my comp that loads pics
#15 [z]RubberDucky ([22255]
What fool rated this incorrectly? It's too low. You need an 11.0 rating for unbeatable reports, like this one, and YRM's World War FFA part 1 (Not 2)
#16 WilliamWC3 ([22257]
Yes, back again..

Annihilator and TheRubberDucky: Thanks guys. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Dark~Ferret: Spam, spam, spam, spam eggs bacon and for god's sake SPAM. I'll take my comments anyway I can get them.

Bob_the_Newt: <i>Mind starts whirling</i> oh shit. I think I do remember seeing that pop up over one of your pics. Oh well I could lie and say I've never read your reports. Its such a pain in the ass to come up for alt text for each pic. Its worth it for the good ones though. Oh yeah, and thanks for mentioning me in your interview.

Snowreaver: heh, sorry. Maybe I'll have to change my warning message to warn off all non t3 users.

Annie47: Thanks, and to answer your question you'll just have to tune in next week for the I_Hate_Medics chronicles.

I would just like to send out a special thanks now to the html gods for not dicking me over this time.

#17 Sp|nE ([22259]
Omg ... it was too long to read now, i will read it later. But it looks really amazing.

#18 shockwave ([22261]
Great report.

One minor strat comment: If you're going to merge templar into archons, might as well use up hallucinate so that they don't "waste" their manna. One of my favorite tricks is to make 3 real archons and, umm, 24 or so fake ones out of those 3 before they merge and go charge into someone's base. Being in the receiving end, it just sometimes makes you want to cry (unless you have an SCV and EMP everything, in which case it makes me want to cry). If you don't want to hallucinate archons, grab some shuttles and hallucinate those and then send them all over for recon.

#19 Ash ([22263]
Wow. Best report ever. I mean that. Awesome game, incredible report. WilliamWC3, I hereby award you the much-coveted Boomstick Award for going above and beyond the call of duty. Or, as a certain hero of mine would say..."Groovy."

"When I get back to base a certain templar is going to get a psi-blade up the ass!"
Hehehehe, that one just about killed me!
#20 MuLLay{Sky} ([22272]
I agree with Shockwave, you should use up templar's mana before they merge so you don't waste it. I once won a game where I had 3 carriers but hallucinated them with 3 templar and the guy conceded b/c he thought they were real.

#21 Sp|nE ([22275]
Okay i read it. Damn nice! The only problem was that it was sooooo long that by the time it was 3/4 done i was already kind of bored of it. But still, i can tell that you spent a lot of time on it and you deserve a 10 =D
#22 Evire!! ([22292]
Wow, that report was damn sweet! The graphics kicked royal ass! 10! Ultimate Frisbee Rules (this will from now on me mentioned in all of my comments on a WilliamWC3 report)

A battle report just isn't a battle report without LionLord observing.
#23 T_Mac ([22294]
Definite 10, toss owns
#24 Poeir ([22299]
I don't think this report *quite* deserved a 10... There were typos. Now, that doesn't make a report bad, it just keeps it from being "fan-fucking-tastic." Also, there were a lot of unnecessary pictures. All these battle report writers seem to think that if someone has a modem, they don't deserve to be served to. It's like you <i>have</i> to spend $700/month just to enjoy the Internet any more.

Anyway, I don't think this report is bad, it's pretty good, but there is at least one mistake. Just one is enough to keep a report from being 10.0 in my book.

10.0, no.
9.9, maybe.
9.8, maybe.
9.7, yes.
#25 Dino Din ([22300]
gotta agree with poeir, this report is Da Shit, but still a perfect 10? No, I mean YRM has made better reports that received a 9.5 type thing. Writing is also very important, the most important thing. And this writing wasn't THAT incredible. Not to say that pictures aren't worth it, they deserved to be rated just as anything else. No offense intended, it's just my opinon

And regardless, its still a very good report.
#26 Poeir ([22310]
Yeah, it's a good report, but it is by no means a 10.0. A 10.0 is the best a human can do. And this just isn't it. Just one typo takes away a 10.0.
#27 Omnipresent ([22337]
10 is not a literal perfect report, because there is no such thing as the perfect report. Some people prefer certain writing styles over others. Some people like pictures done a certain way, or favor various color schemes over the other. And many of the greatest books of all time have had noticeable typos in it.

My point is, who gives a flying fuck if theres a few typos in it, or if the writing style isn't godly like .praetors, or if the pics aren't as pretty as YourRoleModel's? The ratings show the OVERALL ENJOYMENT of the report, and a couple of mistakes aren't going to detract from that. Further more, many of yrm's not-quite 10 reports weren't nearly as long as this game. I mean look at all the bases that were mined out before the end of the game, and the size of the report in of itself.

#28 ::nobody:: ([22341]
I envy you =) you have a 10!! I was supposed to be the one with the good reports This was so damn good that it deserves a 10. 10. 10. Thats it. 10. =)
Nice job WilliamWC3 you have given me a new challenge =)
I give you all the support possible, keep up the good work!
#29 BLuRReD{Sky} ([22347]
great report. One thing ive noticed about you and its something i respect, is that in your reply's to comments you actually read and respond to each one by name. Your my hero. heh. :)

#30 _X~MaGe_ ([22366]

This is definitely one of the best BR's I've read in awhile. Image heavy is something of an understatement tho. :)

Still, excellent graphics and loved the humor throughout. But most importantly, you told a great story about what happened during the game which ultimately gives the reader their feeling on the BR. And I think its unanimous: ITS UNBELIEVABLE. :)

~X Up~
#31 Fractal_Wave ([22374]

If this gets a 10.0, I'm going to have to search it for quotes, as I've done all the old-school 10.0s.

Quick, a 1.0!


William = the MAN.

All the best,
#32 ([22387]
first to comment on Omni, hey, the dude up there did not mean that 10 should be awarded to people with differing writing style, but of spelling errors.

YES, i agree this report ROCKS, and to get 100 bonus points from WC3, i will say "THIS REPORTS IS FAN-ASS-FUCKING-TASTEFULLY-TASTIC!!!!"

anyways, because 10 is SUPPOSED to be for reports that are PERFECT, but since this site's rating system is pretty much the same as the governmental rulings of Hussein,(read my damn forum posts...hehe) it can be given a 10...

WC3, you deserve a 9.9999999

anyways, can't wait till next game, and hope i'm able to observe..i can be more entertaining than Lionlord, i'm sure..all my hoes tell me that..hehe

byeya, and keep it UP! (i know mine is...hehe)

#33 WilliamWC3 ([22393]
Hey there, Ok first of all I'd like to say that I don't know why this site has been down for the last few hours, but I just called off my hit men who were off to exact revenge for all my lost commenting time.

loserboye: Awesome! Whenever I hear "well my comp doesn't load picutures and.." I always groan thinking here comes the flame. I'm always amazed when my writing style can hold its own.

Sp|nE: Thanks for finally reading it. If you were bored after reading 3/4 of it I was about to kill myself after writing 3/4 of it. This think took a year and a half. Hey more is more.

Evire!!: Thanks and as long as you mention Ultimate Frisbee in my comments section so will I. Go ULTIMATE!

T_Mac: Thanks but Toss = I BAN. Die alien scum.

Poeir: You guys couldn't have just given me another nine. I never got comments like this before. I did make some mistakes in this report and just because it got a ten doesn't mean I won't work hard to improve for my next report. By the way I would have been estatic with a 9.7. About the modem thing the comment at the start is intended in fun. I hope modem users can still d/l my report. I just can't make myself sacrafice quality to make it more accessible; characater flaw I guess.

DinoDin: See Poeir. I never really thought my writing was "THAT incredible." I just hope it entertains the readers. Is any report ever really perfect? I dunno. Ratings are raters buisness not reporters.

Omnipresent: Thanks for defending me. I care more for comments like these than 10's anyway.

::nobody::: Your reports own. I can't let you be the only one with good reports. You need some competition to keep you writing.

BLuRReD{Sky}: Thanks, I get just as much of a thrill out of responding to the comments as writing the report. I need a life.

_X~MaGe_: Thanks, glad you liked it. Yeah maybe for my next report the warning will read: WARNING: 100GB Unless your ass is plugged directly to the internet on a goverment super computer do not even think of loading this report. What can I say. I can't stop myself.

Fractal_Wave: YES, Quote me! Quote my ass upside and down. I wanna be the site quote whore. You rule.

( I hereby give this strange ip for a name character 100 bonus points for putting more curse words in the word fantastic than I've ever seen. I was worried when I received my first no name comment but after reading it, it looks like a mistake. Trust me a 9.9999999 is more than enough for me. I now give you 20 more bonus points for comparing this sites rating system with a middle-eastern dictatorship. Thanks!

And oh yes the site being down is no excuse. COMMENT FOOLS!
#34 Drefsab ([22395]
This was a kickass report, and if I hadn't been throwing up all night and didn't feel like shit, I would write more... maybe I'll write another comment later. You would like that wouldn't you William? :-)

#35 AxeGrinder01 ([22396]
First thing is first. Nice report. I did enjoy reading it. I gauge the rating of the battlereport on how long it takes to load in. Yours is the bomb!!! I got all ready for bed and was still downloading 20 images. I knew this had to be a kick ass report or one with a lot of cool pictures. To my delight it was both. keep up the good work.
Call me naive but I would have went more air when I saw him go with gorund forces. Mutas and guardians kick butt storm or no storm. The big fire bat goes down nicely to about 6 guardians.
I should talk much because I am still just trying to master the orginial.
Keep the reports coming. I love reading them.
#36 uncle_a ([22407]
wow.... this report threw me off my chair
altho u could've left out the parts where i stormed my zealots :) hehe
it was great fun playing that 1 hour game and defintely greater fun reading it in such slick style a week afterward
damn u remembered a lot - did u take notes or something during th game?
to those people who have doubts about zealot/templar combo: i personally think that combo kinda sucks too - but
(1) if i produced goons (even just some) as part of my troops i wouldn't have been able to keep up with my templars.. i was short on gas the entire game cuz of templar/upgrades
(2) cracklings - they eat up goons alive, and goons do explosives which suck against all grounds except ultras
(3) i trusted my storming/zealot run back reflexes... but that night i was so tired :) (excuses excuses)
(4) goons suck on bridges!!!!

heh - i didn't have hallucination researched even... maybe i should've stormed my own temps as i merge'em to see if they could make it in time :)

GREAT report william - it's an honor to be in it

#37 JPaikman ([22408]
Hey folks.

Other than the fact that I truly SUCK on Rivalry (total 0-4 in 1v1 games on this map) - a well done report. I just had some comments about some the game:

Seeing that I was at one point outresourcing the protoss, I expanded further with the intention of defending with large numbers of sunkens, lurkers, and hydras. A small muta force would interdict any drops, assassinate templar, and take out the mostly zealot force that I saw many times from uncle_a. Unfortunately I lost the TAO of battle after the midgame and failed to defend my expansions adequate in the west and northwest. Had I done that, outresourcing him 2 to 1 would have probably won the game. Forcing him to come to me would make it so that only drops and very wasteful frontal assaults across bridges possible, which hopefully would run him out of resources.

Unfortunately, my failure to secure my expansions (from zealots, reaver drops, templar drops, etc.) led to my demise, which frankly, I don't think would have happened under more skillful leadership.

Lionlord thinks that I should have attacked earlier in the battle, when I had the advantage. This is true, however, I don't think even upgraded hydras do very well against templar and zealots blocking bridges, etc. Perhaps cracklings earlier (as suggested by my good friend SolOfFire) would have countered his templar force, but if uncle_a stormed better (ala gayP_Taktiks / IcEd-tReE in the last WC3 BR) my zerglings would have been raped as they cross the bridge. Also, zerglings have a tough time going across bridges without getting into single file line, which gets raped by cannons which uncle_a stationed around the bridge choke in almost perfect positions.

This leads to the second alternative, ultralisk/hydras as suggested by Laean. I'm not sure how this would work, but any number of zealots surrounding the exit to the bridge, cannons behind, and templar storming behind the ultras - ie on the hydras - i think I would get owned. Rivalry is just not open enough to do this IMHO.

Third alternative - drop on the base, suggested by SolOfFire and WilliamWC3. I was scared of *($&$^% storms killing my drops. Solution - a long and large distraction, spread out overlords, on dropping, queens killing temps, etc. Could have been successful.

Fourth alternative - big ass air army. Is it just me, or have I locked myself into a ground assault by 3 evo chambers and the lack of ANY air upgrades - save the greater spire? Bad decision making on my part? Or maybe my muta and guardian control blows - or maybe because storm owns anyways when you have 20 temps. Open water areas just blow in comparison to ledges, which are lacking on Rivalry.

Observation - my use of zerg magic blows. I need help. Any suggestions? I can never pull off a dark swarm correctly while macroing (which Lionlord thinks I can't do anyways).

That ends this rant. Send help - I suck at Starcraft :-)
And I will never win in a WilliamWC3 battlereport.

#38 JPaikman ([22409]
Oh yeah, how can anyone have 10K in the bank - who can't macro now? :-)

J/K - uncle_a owns my bones. We'll rematch sometime soon - perhaps WC3 will write another BR....

#39 uncle_a ([22413]
i think we were both too exhausted to change strat here and there after 40 minutes into the game
i was'bout to give up after losing the first two attacks
anyway, i think if u went all air u'd have died to storm and quick archons, as for drops... i'm not too sure
each of my expansions were guarded with mobile stuff and stationary templars/cannons and my main was where troops were coming from (half of my gate stuff were rallied into my main actualy)
but again - i think dropping suicide cracklings into my main base'd have taken me outta the game =]
gg =]

#40 uncle_a ([22414]
i had 10k cuz i maxed out on supply for at around the time of the reaver drop :)

#41 uncle_a ([22430]
i had 10k cuz i maxed out on supply for at around the time of the reaver drop :)

#42 uncle_a ([22435]
i had 10k cuz i maxed out on supply for at around the time of the reaver drop :)

#43 :+:Maverick:+: ([22436]
Incredible report, now I had something to do during class. :P 10,0 for sure! =]
#44 ([22453]
I'd overcomment too if I was the focus of a report this massive.

Sometimes, you gotta ask yourself, even when you "can" make 50+ burnt edge graphics, place them in a 10 page story, format it to fit an odd tileset, determine a good color scheme, organize your monsterous number of screen captures into a clean report.... wait, what was my point...

Oh yeah, you know how people used to tell me I had no life when I took my graphics fairly far? Well, William, you have NO LIFE!

Graphically, this thing is pretty close to professional... by that I mean, there are minimal places where things aren't clean. Plus, you took it farther than maybe any other report graphically. The story was good too.

If it didn't already have 5 ratings, I'd give it a 10.

I'm glad I don't care about beating the top reports anymore, cause it would take me a long, long time to craft a report like this, then try to take it over the top. My only advice... don't burn yourself out on these, they get hard after a handful.

Congratulations on being the one of the first people to try to do alot graphically and not fuck it up... It's nice to see people going to insane lengths to push the envelope even further. I am on to new challenges, and when I post reports now, it's just for fun, rather than proving that I can get another 10. It's great that people like you and Bob and FLS and Mark4 can keep kicking out reports like this. Wow.
#45 WilliamWC3 ([22457]
alright well I'm about to go to sleep (don't even ask) so heres another batch of comments

Drefsab: Yes! comment again. and then comment some more. Everyone commeent

AxeGrinder01: Its good to know that someone actually enjoys download time. A little bit scary but good. As for going air, I don't know. I would have built more mutalisks but thats just because I love the little flying buggers.

uncel_a: Glad you liked it. Thanks for leting me watch the game and for putting on such a good show. Also if you had psi stormed your own templars while merging them into archons it may have cost you the game but talk about bonus points. Also thanks for spamming my comments section so I don't have to.

:+:Maverick:+:: Cool, glad I could distract/entertain you.

Von Doom: Von Doom!! What can I say you've commented on my last five reports. Thanks for all your support. As for how I do this no I don't use paint. I use Picture Publisher 8 by micrografx which came with my video card and a shareware version of the animagic gif animator. I wouldn't recommend trying to do heavy graphics work with just MS Paint but you probably don't need a 300$ graphics sweet either. Look around try to pick a program that works for you and then play with it.

YourRoleModel: Thanks, your no life comment is too true. You are also right about not burning myself out. I came very close with this report. I can see that now. The fact that I couldn't make myself proof read it another time was a big clue. What can I say your my role model. I figured out how to get a ten now I just need to find 245 fools to comment on my report.

Thanks everyone and come on guys; only 200 more comments to go. We're so close.

#46 WilliamWC3 ([22458]
By the way I know Sweet is spelled Suite. I am really tired. Give me a break.
#47 T_Mac ([22464]
Omg, are you on crack? Toss owns you!
#48 [JaC]MassMan ([22475]
I just recently found out about and I must say that this report is one of the best I've read so far (I liked nobody's FFA sarchasm report very much too).
Just a bit too much grafics for my poor old 56k modem, but the report was certainly worth the download.

Well... thats all =)

#49 [CAT]willzzz ([22480]
Shame on that korean probe, it should have stayed and helped the zealot.
#50 [EX]-Hellfire ([22484]
T_Mac is on crack... hey that rhymes cuz terranz own yo ass!
#51 [EX]-Hellfire ([22485]
Bye the way report was fan-fucking-owning-yo-ass-best-o-the-best-tastic so there no name!
#52 ([22492]
Damn! This was some effort dude. WilliamWC is the man!
#53 Drefsab ([22501]
Okay, After 17 hours of laying in my bad in sheer agony, I am back to comment again.

When I went to bed last night, I was infuriated because some fool was bitching about the d/l times of these reports and how people with 56k modems can't do anything fun on the Internet anymore because they are discriminated against.

To this I just wanna say, STFU dude. A report like this one comes along once every couple of months if not longer. When I saw how long it was, I went to take a dump while it downloaded and then I came back and read it. I only had to use the show picture on about 5 pictures. There are tons of text only reports on this site for you 56kers out there to read. I have a 56k and I don't mind taking 15 minutes to download a high quality report like this every couple of months.

Anyway, that's my rant on that subject. Again William, a very good job on an outstanding report.

#54 Phelsior ([22514]
Just wanted to say ...

This was a kick-ass-report!!!

Congratulations, man
#55 Dino Din ([22530]
William, I did not say the report had to be PERFECT for a 10, because, after all, what would a perfect report be? I was merely stating my opinon that it didn't deserve a full 10 because of its writing. Not to say the writing was bad, and this isn't a criticism of you in any way. Like i said this report is da shit still.
#56 WilliamWC3[22544]
yes again..

T_Mac: No just stim and I'm roasting your probes like hot dogs at a bbq. 7&1 firebat drop owns all.

[JaC]MassMan: Glad you enjoyed it, sorry about d/l.

[CAT]willzzz: yeah I think that Korean probe had other plans. huk huk.

[EX]-Hellfire: Damn straight. See this guy everyone? 3 comments: he is doing a good job. The only bad comment is the one you don't submit. Well except for that joker with the porn; someone please ban that guy before he finds my report.

Johnny_Vegas: Thanks. And for giving me the link in the news section THANKS!!! I'm going to have to move to New Mexico and start a cult in your name now. Seriously though, this site owns. I can't write and submit a report like this without a site to submit it to. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

Drefsab: Awesome thanks for coming back and reading it. Sorry you're not feeling well. And thanks for defending my download times. Eventually all our asses will probably be plugged directly into the internet.. (wow thats a disturbing thought when taken literally)

Phelsior: Thanks, glad you liked it.

Dino Din: My bad, I just sort of lumped yours in with Poeir since you said you agreed with him. I definitely see your point though my one statement does still stand: ratings are raters buisness not reporters. Seeings how I doubt a comment has ever resulted in any change in rating (which is as it should be) I can't understand why people always comment on them. Oh well, I'm actually glad you criticized my report. I'm always looking for ways to improve.

Come on guys you're practally guarnteed a response. Comment on my text, comment on my pictures, comment on the weather for all I care; just comment!

#57 Syndrome Zed[22549]
Damn, man - that was incredible. I used to write BR's in the forum, and while they seemed to like them, neither they nor I have ever seen anything quite this good. With the possible exceptions of a couple of ::nobody:: and YRM reports that I've read here, only recently having found this site. Keep up the good work!

BTW, no one's used the word "chobofuckers" yet, so...chobofuckers :)

What a great word :)

What a great report!
#58 Incubuz[22560]

keep'em coming :)

#59 Shifty_the_arab[22565]
My modem is only a 33.6 and it routes thru this fuckn slow as line thingy but this report only took five min to download not to bad at all.This report was sweet except no terran :[
#60 Dino Din[22572]
well if you want expanded criticism of your writing, I'd be happy to oblige. I could only do the writing, for as I see it, your pictures are perfect. E-mail if you want, or something in the comment section is probably easier. Whichever. And about my rating of it, is not to change the raters' opinon, but as Mark4 said in the forum, the non-raters can use the comment section to qasi-rate the report. (he was using that against the everyone can rate a report thing.)
#61 JSH[22622]
Hmm, nice weather I'm having. Supposed to rain tomorrow though.

#62 Serrayo[22686]
Another comment towards 250! (You can do it!!!)

Nice! NIce report. Wow...

Nice collages that you made there that combine a whole bunch of spots from one screenshot. Nice layout. Nice pictures, Nice writing, Nice...Really, really nice...

Well, In general, this was a really nice report =)
#63 IceShadow[22695]
drones that are carrying stuff explode. drones that aren't collapse.

aren't i smart?

#64 IceShadow[22696]
Seriously, though, rockin' report. Wish I could do that with graphics. Mine look pretty and all, but they just don't have that nice blending look.

#65 IceShadow[22697]
Oh...and as for a rating...any report that can incorporate both Monty Python and The Matrix quotes defeinately deserves that ten.
#66 [EX]-Hellfire[22723]
70th comment
Only 180 more until 250
good luck
Oh ya Canada Ownz
#67 WilliamWC3[22732]
alright one last time

Syndrome Zed: Cool, glad you liked it. And chobofucker is a good word but not as cool as chobo hunter, turbochobo or reverse Maynard transfer.

Incubuz: Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!

Shifty_the_Arab: Five minutes?!? I'm glad I don't have a modem. Thanks for your patience and glad you liked it.

Dino Din: I understand. Its cool if you want to give your unofficial rating in the comments section. Just that some people like to constantly harass raters over their ratings rather than give constuctive criticism / praise. About my writing I know that it is rather weak technically. I change verb tense in the middle of sentences, use passive verb tenses that I know I'm not supposed to be using, have clauses and phrases all out of wack, bad punctuation when I even remember to use it at all... The thing is I don't have any training as a writer and despite popular opinion these things can't be learned over night. I try to make my writing amusing and atleast somewhat captivating if not always perfectly clear and concise. Wow what a rant. Anyway, thanks again.

JSH: Now thats more like it

Serrayo: Thanks for being a believer. Your comment is very NICE! Glad you liked the report.

IceShadow: ahhhhhh. You learn something new ever day. And I love to find out that people not only read the report closely including the alt text but also got the references there. Thanks and Monty Python OWNS. The Matrix is pretty cool too.

--HoLoCaUsT--: Thanks, hopefully I will have the time to write more. It was fun observing that game with you too by the way.

[EX]-Hellfire: Thanks hellfire but it looks like you'd better save your comments for my next report. Doesn't look like I'll make it there this time.

Well my report is almost off the first 25 now so I doubt I'll be getting too many more comments. Hopefully I'll have another report up here soon. Thanks everyone.

#68 Skozak[22793]
Just to make you feel special, here's one more comment
Kick ass report
loved the alt-text
#69 [Careless][22816]
Just curious...were those drones singing TMBG? It took me like 5 minutes to remember the song, "Whistling in the Dark." =] Also, Excellent report, writing was so-so but the graphics were excellent.
#70 Cashew-of-Doom[22827]
Nice, that's all I can say =]
#71 Dino Din[22837]
lol william you pretty much hit it, my thought then is just read through your stuff hahhahaa ya you'll be a perfect 10 then in my mind.
#72 DavidN ([22868]
Another great report.

All I can say is... the staff at this site should be checking their email this week ;)

David N.
Blizzard Entertainment
#73 DavidN ([22869]
P.S. --

Yes we do read the fansites :)

David N.
Blizzard Entertainment
#74 High_420[22878]
Blizzard blows. I cant believe they never ballanced terrans. Prolly because they have sold enough copies of the game already. Bleh

Anyway - great report, it was a real pleasure reading it at 4:00 in the morning. Keep up with the good work
#75 JPaikman[22913]



Signing off from home,

#76 High_420[22933]
Blizzard blows. I cant believe they never ballanced terrans. Prolly because they have sold enough copies of the game already. Bleh

Anyway - great report, it was a real pleasure reading it at 4:00 in the morning. Keep up with the good work
#77 [22949]
Holy Crap did you read what DavidN said???
#78 [22950]
Damn, unfortunately I think DavidN's post was a hoax. His IP was "".
#79 WilliamWC3[22951]
ok if you insist..

Skozak: Sweet glad you liked it, peace out.

[careless]: Yes, but for christ sakes its the zealot singing not the drones. How the hell is a drone going to sing. Of course I've heard zealots don't have mouths.. Oh well. For some reason when I watch a zealot hack through a defenseless zerg base I just get the feeling that he is singing TMBG. I dunno. ..and so I'm having a wonderful time but I'd rather be whistling in the dark.

Cashew-of-Doom: Thats enough for me

Dino Din: Cool

DavidN: Awesome, since few people actually take the time to so I'd like to thank blizzard for making such a wonderful real time strategy game. Beleive it or not none of this, the tournaments, the players, the battle reports, the forums even the endless debates over imbalance would exist were it not for the game. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and please make more quality rts so we can waste more time playing them. Oh yeah and whats the deal with Diablo?

High_420: Cool, glad you liked it

Johnny_Vegas: Son of a.. Well if anyone from blizz happens to read the comment I just posted then it was intended for you. Oh yeah and Vegas you're the man.

signing off once more

#80 Raistloaf[22959]

First whole report i have read in, hmmm, 2 months or something, and this is just one of the things that reminds me: <b> *STARCRAFT IS THE GAME* </b>

#81 [22960]
LAST COMMENT! Dang WC3 you are the biggest comment whore i ever seen. Oh and David Fake Blizzard dude - or real - If you are looking for a Bad Ass I'm your man. 250K + options and I'm all yours. I will surf the web proclaiming how bad ass I am - what a bargin for you.
#82 [22965]
AOK guy turn you down Whoop? William, my earlier comment (spelling) was supposed to be tounge in cheek. I think there was some mention of not a 10.0 because of spelling mistakes. Well, I found one, but I still gave it a 10.0. I did think about it though =). WW3 FFA (1) still owns all reports.
#83 [EX]-Hellfire[23033]
Damn! You still getting lots of comments. I thought they were done when I posted num 70 but i guess greatness shows and this report was and is truly great.

ps. its fan-fuckin-tastic
#84 {PH}Rosco[23067]
Damn Fine game, and report guys, I bet all of the units were used. Good job
#85 Pika_Flare[23200]
Wow. That's all I have to say. =)
#86 HrungBasher[23202]
Great battle, and a great report!
As much fun to read as, I bet it was to play!
#87 DarkZealot~DoD~[23256]
KEWL REPORT! Graphics take about 10 min. to dl on my poor old 36.6, but it was worth it.KEEP IT UP! I WANNA SEE SOME MORE!! anyway..... to say something to clarify the number of units in that game, ULTRALISKS were (i think) the only units not used. I didn't see any Dark Archons either.
#88 Shoryu-Reppa[23257]
WOW! This actually choked my bandwidth here on my Cable Modem. Keep up the good work!! This deserves money or something..
#89 MasterOfMordor[23498]
Wow. I've been away from SC for awhile, and just decided to pay this site a visit (actually I don't have an internet connection any more :( ), but to come and see a report like this really makes me want to come back. Too bad I have to be at a friends house to see this kind of thing.

In truth, I don't think he needed the text to tell the story. He just needed the pictures, and the captions ;) which is about all I read. Sure, it doesn't tell the story in perfect detail, but it certainly is more entertaining.

Also, IMO the rating '10' is very relative. It greatly depends on what has been reported previously, and in what mood the raters are in ;).

All in all, you've taken a good half an hour of my life away with this BR, and I can't decide weather that's a good thing, or I should hunt you down.

Keep it coming!

#90 C_Time[23631]
Ouch, my eyes, they burn . . .

Too colorful, too many pics =)
#91 KiNdALiKeUrFaCe[23882]
OK that report was really sweet......
I loved the pictures and great text.....
One comment though is that ........
"Giant Firebats are Invinsible"(something like that)
3 letters for ya E.M.P.
#92 [CER]Furinax[23959]
WOW! What a great report! I hope to see many more of these in the future...I have never learned so much in one battle report in my entire life. Great collages - soooooooo cool.

#93 JPaikman[24150]

Does this mean that I'm good?

Huk huk.

#94 Dilemma[S][24586]
Hey I don't know if you remember me, but I am from Sol999's clan, and I just want to say that was one hell of a battle report man, keep up the good work
#95 Sandrock Custom[24709]
Holy crap... one wonders where someone can get the time to build a BR like this... i can't even fathom the amount of time this sucker must've taken... keep up the good work!
#96 The.Confessor[24757]
How fitting, 100th comment...
#97 ']['-{PHRK}[25345]
i'm up at 3 am reading this...
i'm insane. But this report was sooo goood!.......
*perfect 10*
#98 -Necrolyte-[26872]
100 comments later I c the end
#99 WarSaga[26921]
Good god, this was a refreshing one =D I still can't believe I read up to 70th comment though..

Big Willie Style
#100 AlexanderYoshi[27021]
Wow, I am never making another BR again, I can never outdo the graphics on this one... what did you use? (beside more loads of Ingenuity than would take to cart away JV's Ego)
#101 Earendil[27983]
Hilarious. Love the captions.

What the hell does "huk" mean?
#102 Richard Simmons[75227]
Man Oh Man. Like I said before, I feel like humpin'.

#103 CrackHeadJeb[113779]
Yes! Found the animated .gif WWC3 used at the end of his reports. Only one broken image, now.

#104 ZerG~LinG[113790]
This report is one of the best ever!

CHJ for rater/God
#105 RockForce[120223]
#106 ZerG~LinG[120246]
Rockforce, i pwn u
#107 Lieutenant[132164]
*sexes LinG*
#108 ScotTt[138961]

#109 Convider[142536]
oh crap not the "last comment" scourge. keep saying how c00lx0r this report is or soemthing.
BTW last ;)

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