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#1 SnowSquall ([22030]
The ISP where I store my images is having connection problems.. at least for me, the images are loading painfully slow and I'm on a cable modem. Hopefully they'll get the problem fixed soon, whatever it may be. Until then I apologize for how long it takes for the pictures to load. After 6 hours of writing and cropping pictures and being 3 in the morning.. I just want to go to bed. :)
#2 [z]RubberDucky ([22032]
That made me sleepy, so I had to go get somethnig to eat.

Long br, but good one =] Your taking the spotlight away from mine, shame on you.
#3 yavoon' ([22038]
I really liked this report, me favorite read in a while.
#4 T_Mac ([22047]
Doh, i had to scroll down and right-click, "show picture" a few times :(

Great report though, Toss owns right?

#5 Fractal_Wave ([22060]
My gawd....can it be? Yes, yes I think it is...

a SnowSquall report with PICTURES??!?!?!?!


Kickin' BR mon friend.

and Snow == Skill

All the best,
#6 ([22068]
Considering his level of powering, and somewhat lack of tech for a while, maybe you could have floated over to an island after the first failed attempt to your natural.

Your turbo newbie would have actually helped to make drops to your island a bit more of a pain for him and maybe forced him to try for gayweb.

I'm only suggesting this because you did well unit/unit but very poorly resource wise. With even 2-3 resources, you might have had a chance, but not 1-2.5

Oh well, I can't beat -pitt-. If you remember Snow, I've been a fan of your reports since day one, and this was a perfect level of text and pictures. It's nice to read a report in less than a half hour and still find it to be one of the best reports you've read in a while.
#7 Pitt ([22072]
Here's a great hint for when you're playing someone you know normally doesn't play protoss. EXPAND LIKE MAD!!! Their recon will not be that great. Myself, I've grown accustomed to comsat and overlords so much that my protoss recon is quite poor. (also I'm not building observers as much as I should). Anyhow, it was a great game snowy. One thing to note. When I finally got up your ramp that first time I was about to kick myself because I had 1k 5k in the bank and could have finished it there. So instead I just teched and expanded twice. I had those two min onlies for most of the game (until you killed 12). I also put pylons at each other land expansion. I then took 9 for a long time and 12 for a long time. You had the right idea though, get some drop ships and kill those expansions. Problem was though that I kept countering, so I suggest leaving a defense that you can be more confident in back home before you go on your assaults.

#8 T_Mac ([22073]
Thats why i love storm. You can leave some temps at your base to save your ass when you do other stuff :)
#9 ([22075]
In the end, the sprintime came and the snow melted. I thought maybe the snow would win out. Next time snowy.
#10 Sp|nE ([22083]
Nice br. 8.5 or 9 mb
#11 (dt030n35.tampabay.rr[22092]
It's funny, me and yav have like the exact same taste in BRs.

#12 Axegrinder01 ([22094]
Good report. Maybe your scv's should take the place of the cleveland brown offense line. :) Storm does suck unless you are doing the storming.

#13 Mekila ([22110]
<marquee><font color="yellow" face="matisse itc">CoOL! DoPe BR!</marquee></font>
#14 VeNoM~Sage ([22113]
This is exactly the problem I have with Terran in general. Taking down multiple expansion is a BITCH and you really can't allow a toss more than 1 exp, and you can't let Zerg go exp crazy either.
#15 Drefsab ([22114]
That was a good read Snowy... nice job...

#16 jeezumcrow ([22476]
nice report:)
#17 Dark~Ferret[22540]
<html><body><p><font COLOR="#ffff00">First, Great report. Second, I was especially impressed how you played so well, got so many key battleshots, and remembered such detail. Third, nice to see some one get much closer to winning Terran v. Toss than I ever do (I usually try to do similar strat.). Make sure to thank Bob_the_Newt for reminding us all about this excellent report!</p>
<p><font color "#ffff00"><i>Keep writing........D~F</i></p></body>
#18 {DK}Protophobic[51901]
Whoa I thought terran was gonna win dang that sucks
#19 [104798]
Wow, has it really been 2 years since my last BR?
#20 Eradicate~Me[114477]
make more :D

*awp headshot*

#21 EldritchEvil[116567]
Ditto Erad.

#22 [132736]
last comment
#23 Raider[153262]
I liked it. Some borders on pictures would have been nice tho to make them stand out more.
#24 .Praetor[167021]
Good report, I liked how the text strung the pictures together in a way that made it seem like the reader isn't missing anything.

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