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"I just ramble until it sounds good and cut half. :)"

#1 JPaikman ([17951]
Hahah, first comment, cheating!
#2 Dewd ([17952]
2nd worth in this :-)
#3 WilliamWC3 ([17953]
Ok so before you bitch, and I know you will. You always bitch you whining little bitches... Ok I spent like 1000 hours working on this report and testing it in IE because netscape crashes every 1.7 seconds on my computer and then I load it up to test it in netscape and it doesn't work.
I give up. Damn you Gates, its all your fault. Anyway,
please try to look at it under internet explorer. So other than that what do you think? Please post comments.


oh yeah and my roomate had to get first comment cause he's an idiot.
#4 <img "/images2/n_fls.gif">[17955]
nice report there. But sometimes the text were behind images... dunno why.
#5 WilliamWC3 ([17956]
damn html. it looks fine on my screen but I'm sure thats because of the settings (1280 x 1024) or the fonts or some other unknown html nightmare that I have yet to happen upon.
aahhhhhhh. easy Will, breath in, breath out. thanks prozerran.
#6 MuLLay ([17957]
Great report Will. Your reports are extremely well done and you can tell that you put time in your reports. But wtf was up with the text behind pics? j/k I wouldn't even come close to getting the pics that you make so I should quit my whining.
#7 Fractal_Wave ([17958]
A few minimal problems of the "Pictures are sometimes aligned OVER text, despite the author's effotts to the contrary" genre. other than that, I'm starting to reaaallly appriciate your style. That pix of the tank push at the end was just great, and the whole thing was really well done.

You need to start finding games between masters to report. You've got the skills.
You should watch Me vs. SnowSquall. Those are always fun. More weird shit goes down in games where I play Snow than in the toliets of every viewer combined.


All the best,
#8 Dewd ([17959]
Yep, I could read almost everything except for some characters behind a image.. I must say that it was a very nice written and really cool layout report.. the only problem was that toss smurf who got out just too early.. I give it a 10 =)
Keep the good work, this one was pretty cool !
btw, I use netscape only.
#9 Silent Strike ([17962]
This owned, though I could have probably ate dinner while the thing was loading :-).

Anyway, how did you get the pimping colors for messages in the game/game warnings. In one of the pictures, "Nuclear Launch Detected" was in a sorta orange to red to pink kinda swirl thing. Anyway, what program does that for you?
#10 1badassmarine ([17966]
Damn, enough pics? Awesome report even if it did take ten minutes to load. I have a question. What program did you use to create the B.R.? Keep up the good work.

#11 (pool0644.cvx26-bra[17968]
Report on a good battle and you will get a 10 i'm sure of it. NIce job. DIE BUNKER BOY!
#12 WilliamWC3 ([17969]
hey all. I use Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 for most of my cool effects. Its a cool program which came with my video card. I don't know where you can get it or how much it costs. For the html code I just use notepad. Of course thats probably why text is showing up underneath pictures. Oh well. hopes this helps.
#13 <img ''> (sdn-ar-005gaatlaP290.dialsprint[17973]
I loved the report, absolutely loved it. Sure there are better reports, but I can't think of many. Your graphics are superb, but you might want to hold back just a little in the future. But they added so much to the report that I can't blame you for that. Look at my lame rip off of the staff things, it looked fine while it was a bitmap, but the second I converted it, it got all sucky. But that's honestly one of my best acheievements in graphics :) You also get to observe games. You're everything I want to be and more. Hey, you're MyRoleModel! I could be on to something here....
#14 Evire!! ([17974]
Any battle report that mocks -TOOL- is a good battle report. Great pictures, great humor. I appreciated the time you put into this. Definitely a 10!
#15 Holy ([17979]
WOWOWOW, great report, coulda been longer with less pretty graphics, took forever to load on my classic 28.8...great br, I loved the lesson not quite learned, I also have yet to learn that.
#16 ::nobody:: / LunarSkyz::AE:: ([17980]
nice report man! I have cable, so load it up with pics! =)
not a 10...but a 9.3 =P great work!
#17 JoLLy~TeAcuP<font color=red> (BR.COM TeaCup)<font color=black> (proxy3-external.[17981]
Lol! Fractal i think you should put that one "Lesson Learned" as one of the quotes at the top of the site pages.

<i>"When UpgradedKakaru says SAT, he means comsat not Scholastic Apptitude Test"</i>

<i>"cant"</i> -Johnny
#18 GiZmOkId ([17983]
i must admit...the br was fun, but next time dude
choose ur games carefully, unfortunately the amount of time u put into this game was NOT worth it since, it became a 2v1

ANYWAY, good br..

Number of confused Observers?...LOL

#19 Dewd ([17984]
Come on, where is the ratting ? ppl want at least 9 and hopefully 10 ! :)
#20 Mogalin ([17987]
Hey Frac, you think you hav ewhack 1v1's?? You should see me and Bob!! We have the wackiest games (usually on our fave, Ashrigo). One of our happier games was when Bob cow rushed me and I countered with my badass BCs =] He laid the ULTIMATE trap ... He burrowed lotsa hydras and had two defilers. As my BCs moved in a dark swarm was thrown, there was an earthquake (the hydras) and he got like half my BCs with plague. Unbelievably I lost 0 BCs because I ran away instantly and repairs =]
Just one of many wacky games!
#21 Allusion ([17989]
Sick man.. awesome BR.. i had no problems with any text under pictures using Neoplanet at 1024x768 .. well.. i'm not a rater.. but
¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤* 10 ¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*¤*
#22 Allusion ([17991]
doh.. looks stupid when not in text box =(
#23 Annie47 ([17993]
Another great report will, maybe you get a 10 finally?

#24 (dt030n35.tampabay.rr[18015]
hahahhahaha that game was fucked up mog =]
Remember my plague drops? lol
Then there was that other game when you went BC again, and I went hydras. We both killed each others main at same time and then you had to get to my expansions with ensared BCs while my 12 remaining hydralisks found yours. Then when the BCs got to my expansion I plagued the shit outa them and killed like 4 BCs wit a single hydra =] Meanwhile my 12 hydra group now had like 20 kills each, lol. That was a badass game =]

p.s. nice BR and schtuff
#25 (dt030n35.tampabay.rr[18017]
p.p.s. Yes that trap was really cool, but I didnt plague teh BCs enough first =[
#26 Von Doom ([18027]
You´re giving me a hard time here..
I said your last report was a 10..
and it was..
But now U crank out an even better one..
And I cant say its a 10 = equal... no what to do..
MayB I should just lie and say 2.35??
And more pics, I have 128 speed so no worries..
The bunkering, tank push and even the map pics were just great..
I wish I could do a report as U..
I know I might pull it off, but then I dont have the time or patience..
man.. U RULE!!
I am ur supporter.. ur fanclub..
#27 Rumpelstiltskin ([18036]
This is just the kind of report that makes me pout about my sucky-sucky graphic skills. :) A sight for sore eyes, indeed. My hat goes off to you, and I bow gracefully; hoping noone notices the sound of my teeth grinding...

#28 Von Doom ([18053]
Hey, what has happened with the raters??
There are numerous reports unrated..
(mine is one)
Also, when U guys DO decide to rate this, remember to give it a 10 BCUZ its good, not just Bcuz tool is taunted and Johnny wins..
Kill the gaywebbing smurfs!!!!
#29 Snowreaver ([18060]
Great report. :>

But those weren't REAL smurfs, real smurfs woulda have won. Real smurfs, as we know, are demonic entities from hell, with powers far beyond the imagination. The Christian Coalition says so, therefore it must be true.
#30 Snowreaver ([18062]
Great report. :>

But those weren't REAL smurfs, real smurfs woulda have won. Real smurfs, as we know, are demonic entities from hell, with powers far beyond the imagination. The Christian Coalition says so, therefore it must be true.
#31 Snowreaver ([18063]
I hate IE 5.
#32 ([18084]
Rats, I wrote a long comment and it didn't post. It was a very good report William. If it was a better game you would have gotten a 10 I am sure.
#33 WilliamWC3 ([18085]
comments comments comments comments
post more comments.

that having been ranted...
Von Doom: What can I say? You da man. Thanks again.

Allusion: Actually I use Neoplanet too (which is really just internet explorer) becuase I made a hideous green skin for it I like. I used to use Netscape all the time but the frequency of crashes increased gradually until I was lucky if I could load my home page before it bombed.

Snowreaver: Of course, the Crhistian Coalition is always right. Sometimes they are even correct.

Everyone else: Thanks for the comments. I love comments.

Everyone else who hasn't commented: Comment you damn fools

Also guys what do you think of the roll over title thingy at the top? First of all does it work on any of your computers. Secondly, is it annoying / dumb / cool / interesting / bullshit / a wee bit questionable (just a wee bit) / utter bullshit or no comment. This by the way is the thing which does not work in NN (at least not mine). Well, thanks again.


#34 NaiLz ([18087]
Loved the BR man....very uniqe writing style and original comment and style too
i rate a: 9.7 ; )
fractaled is funny: <b><font color =green>"You need to start finding games between masters to report. You've got the skills. You should watch Me vs. SnowSquall."</font> Just think its funny how you refered to your self as a *master* ; ) since obviously you arent * jk *
but i think a good games to report on is.... Whoop/Ice vs King/Orc or Yavoon/Fudge vs Mark4/JV
those could be some good game IMHO

anywho GreatBR

- xNaiLx
#35 (fjwilson.reshall.uc[18169]
The report was just awesome, with good alt-txt as well. I'm torn between a 9 and a 10.

You know, when I saw that picture of Gargamel, I swear I could hear his laugh. And I don't have speakers on my computer.
#36 WhiteSmurf4[52683]
SMURFS ROCK!!!!! listen will, u come against me and my friend hobosmurf we will kick some living asssssssss
#37 ZerG~LinG[114822]
GG, yet another Last Comment on a WC3 br, by yours truly
#38 RockForce[120221]
GG, no re
#39 ZerG~LinG[120244]
#40 ScotTt[138620]
Check my last commentishness...


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