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"You don't have to be korean to beat your protoss, because you collapse under heavy metal like an old woman with a broken hip."

#1 (HNW0511.RESNET-STUDE[16850]
And of course I'll have my own first comment. =]
#2 TheRubberDucky ([16851]
#3 Mog_The_Newt ([16852]
Dice ! Your BR owns my BR ! But then again, everyone's does ...
#4 TheRubberDucky ([16855]
Mog ur brs own and my latest br sucked ass. So that means this is the best battlereport ever.
#5 malboro lights (HNW0599.RESNET-STUDENT.UPENN.EDU)[16856]
i will give it a 10.0, just because
#6 Willzzz ([16857]
hehe- nice, I love building cannons all over on islands, they are so cheap :)
#7 GameOverZ ([16861]
ducky arrange that 1v1 k?
u know when to get me

lemme try dable's lil' trick

<img "">
#8 GameOverZ ([16862]
cool it worked. i can do all kinds of gay things now..
#9 (dt030n35.tampabay.rr[16863]
Die TT, die.
#10 TheRubberDucky ([16864]
Bob, don't you want me to die anymore? *sighs*
#11 Sp|nE ([16873]
8.5 mb =p
#12 MasterOfMordor ([16874]
I think BOB should die :P
#13 Silent Strike ([16877]
Good report, well written, good graphics. Solid 9.
#14 Cashew-of-Doom ([16878]
Man fls, your reports rock, when you make them ( not too regularily ). Hehe, I still remember than super-frickin long 3v3 we played against Vegas, WP, and some other person.
#15 ([16879]
On why I made cannons:
Anyone that's played with me knows that sometimes I forget to make enough production facilities... I had enough, but then, after fighting off a T.T.Boy attack, I hadn't built more... alot of money translates into cannons over every other possible expansion site. I had minerals, not gas, so observers and corsair weren't in huge supply. (I did have alot of dingers though)

I wouldn't have gone cannons, but wraiths and dropships without d-matrix die fast to them. They also gave me a platform to retreat to for instant advantage vs his wraiths in a "cloaked and observer dead" type of fight.

Plus... the extra time the cannons bought me let my production catch up to my economy.

It wasn't a good tactic, but it wasn't a horrible recovery from poor micro.

I have to say FLS, you caught EVERY detail of the game that I can remember... and that's rare in any report I've been in before. Great work in accuracy...

GG T.T.Boy... I was worried for a while when you had me contained, and I happened to remember to send my shuttles on a roundabout into your main (incase you expanded and to go in the back door this time)... when I saw 12:00 and made the best of it.

Whaddaya think T.T.Boy, did he miss anything on your end?
#16 JoLLy~TeAcuP ([16880]
very nice report. altho the standards for br's is so high now it wil pb get a 9 or 8.5 :(
#17 ([16882]
Wow this was a near perfect battle report. Extremely well done, with excellent writing and presentation. It was also pretty funny! That tank.. "It was me!" Hehehee I think that's what it said.. Great report dude!
#18 ([16884]
I give it a 9.5, but rounded up to 10. Im sure someone will give you a 9 though. That's life. =]
#19 (HNW0511.RESNET-STUDE[16888]
I didn't really expect to get a 10! Mebbe 9 point something tops. =]

How about going.... everyone thinks in Johnny's way so I'll get my first 10!

* probably won't happen =[ sniff sniff *
#20 Fractal_Wave ([16903]
Johhny, you really need to allow decimal ratings...

FLS, this is a damn fine piece of battlereport. Grade-A, 1st Class, with oak leaves.

You BR as well as you play.

All the best,
#21 JoLLy~TeAcuP ([16906]
That would be very nice to have decimal ratings! i predict 9.3-7
#22 TheRubberDucky ([16916]
No this really should get a 10.0. Anyone that gives it less should know that i have the inane ability of winning when I'm pissed. It seems like thje game just speeds up when im pissed (For me) and I make like a zillion everything =]
#23 SnowSquall ([16939]
Excellant job.. the graphics are sooooo smooth and easy on the eyes -- they blend right in seamlessly with the text to where I don't even realize that you are using pictures sometimes. Again, great job.

Oh, and YRM = cannon whore.

*remembers the 2v2 last night where I constructed the tank push from hell all the way across Lost Temple with a ton of cannons from YRM to assist it*
#24 [i]ProZerRan ([16940]
not bad, not bad at all...
at least you got rating of 10, and mine got 1...
#25 Von Doom ([16958]
Hey Congratulations YRM!!
This was a definite 10...
but there is a problem with that, meny 10īs are being handed out, and therefor the glory in achieving them is lessened...
U might think about re-arranging the grading system..
1-20 mayB..
BTW YRM, U are not as bad as U say sometimes.. U was offensive and good, ur opponent made some mistakes and U used them, but I dont understand ur cannonthing in the middle..

#26 T_Mac ([16963]
Hehehe, i loved that tank quote too! And i also found out who you are mr.korea :P
#27 ([16968]
Cannoning = Spend some money to make T.T.Boy have to clear cannons to expand and fly like a duck to drop.

While he would do that, I prepare to take out his only source of income at 12:00.

I don't build cannons en mass early, but if I find myself low on production facilities, and the upper hand, I can throw some cannons down if the situation is right.

2-3 dropships flying across the map every few minutes irritated me. Let T.T.Boy have to fly through a maze of anti air to slow me down.

Of course, if I paid better attention to production while battling, I'd have had no spare cash at home. T.T.Boy threw me off with his constant harassment. In this case, having about 1200 worth of cannons here and there made him do the micro and let me macro out a nice drop to win the game.
#28 ([16973]
(shakes his head sadly) YRM, I'm going to have to teach you about islands.

Good report FLS. I guess I don't have to fire you after all =]
#29 ([16993]
BAH! If you teach me about islands, I'll teach you how to win your very first FFA ever... =]
#30 ([17005]
I win FFAs only when I can take all the other people playing in them allied against me. So basically if there is three competent people I'm screwed =]
#31 ([17115]
Woohoo, Great report BP! About the only bad thing was that I lost. I agree with YRM that you did an excellent job getting every detail correct. Especially since this game happened about 2 weeks ago. I loved the SCV's swarming the DT, and that dumb tank with it's stupid AI pathing that likes to charge headlong into the cannons. And those two dropships on the suicide run, and the ghost deaths.

Excellent humor mixed in with great lessons on what not to do when playing starcraft. Also I didn't realize that I blasted my own marines until reading the report. I'll have to watch that in the future.

I may be biased but I give it a 10.
#32 (pool0227.cvx10-bra[17156]
Dang I dont read the reports for a couple days and there are a zillion good reports. Speaking of cannons, they are imbalanced!
#33 [152507]
still owns
#34 wakiki[154542]
Wow, okay, these are really good now. The first few were pretty "bleh" by todays standards, but this is really really good :)


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