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"Skill is imbalanced"

#1 JSH[352]
Woohoo, let's hear it for the Terrans and their scrap metal underdog units. :) I'm still finding it hard to believe you gave the guy an ally vic after he taunted you multiple times though. Perhaps Commander Vegas is getting soft? (j/k) :P
#2 Ag2000[353]
What a great story. I never knew that you could have allied vics on ladder games. And I too have a deep dark dirty secret of liking to use valkeries.
#3 Johnny_Vegas[354]
Crap, it wasnt a ladder game! I will change that.
#4 Superman[JL][355]
Excellent beginning story. Got me in the mood and all gushy inside. Great battle. I myself was experiencing connection problems this past weekend and disconnected. Nice to know there are people who are understanding.
#5 Upgraded_Probe[356]
why the hell did you ally with that guy? :)
If I were Johnny, I NEVER would have allied with him. He was dissen you guys and insulting you.. oh well! I will kill him!
#6 Smoked Pork[363]
Kudos! Exemplary report, Johnny. You have officially raised the bar. Being a writer, I'd have to say that this is easily the most well composed and entertaining battle report I've read, ever; nevermind the screenshot bonus points. Excellent work!

Mark, you're going to have to pick things up a bit to contend with reporting of this caliber. ;)
#7 Dev[364]
Nice, JV, as usual. (: Valkryies may have trouble with equal cost "cheese" corsair squadrons, but they shred through wraiths and mutalisks like they're made of aluminum foil (in fact, I think wraiths ARE made of aluminum foil).

On a side note, you ever see a nuke and 2 EMP's obliterate a screenful of protoss tech buildings? (:

'Have fun with that last gateway, you're gonna need it!'
#8 Johnny_Vegas[366]
Hey Smoked-Pork thanks for the comments. BTW do you want your bribe money as cash or check?
#9 Mark4[367]
Whoa. A great effort by the master himself.
#10 Chargon[368]
Great report, you didnt make me look to bad. :)
I just have one question:
Why didnt you use the infested terrans to finish his base???? Thats why i wanted to stay alive, watching infested's crush the winers base would have been great.
#11 [FLS]prozerran[369]
Good job bro! I personally rarely use valks and vultures cuz I can't handle the micro there without losing most of my other attention macroing, teching and expanding. Good read, nice tactics, and good job!
#12 Johnny_Vegas[370]
Chargon: Well I didn't feel like sitting around waiting for the infested terrans to get built. Besides, when I 12 Battle cruisers at 3/3 little can convince me to not attack with them. =]
#13 Chargon[371]
Johnny: I just like those things
I even set my own building down so one would run in to it.:)
#14 Smoked Pork[372]
Johnny, I'd prefer money order. Thanks.
#15 Templar of doom[375]
good report but there were a few places where he could have attacked your base with only 3 marines in it, also early air but he must have never really seen your base too much.
#16 DisgruntledApe[379]
Wow! Great report! You have an excellent writing style that makes the game seem so real. Good job.
#17 Shiroman[395]
That was like... a campaign from the single player game! I gotta try that!
#18 treesparrow[414]
Ahh... finally someone that knows the power of mine containment :) good BR Vegas, as usual.
#19 Templisk[458]
Cool writing style. I really liked it.
#20 :+renegade95+:[496]
I didnt finish reading it cause this "SCV's report that" crap. No offense, but this isn't nessecarily a "Narrative" crap site. Next time u make a report say

he made a cc to the left


A lone SCV reported the apocolypse of a command center under construction on the expansion at waypoint alpha.
#21 Johnny_Vegas[517]
Renegade95: Thanks for the comments. However it appears most people prefer my "narrative" style. I didn't fail to include strategy mixed in with the story.
#22 .Praetor[555]
Great report Johnny! Just one question. How do the mines keep terrans contained, when they can just walk out with 12 marines and shoot any mines that pop up?
#23 [FLS]prozerran[570]
When the mines are closely packed, they poped out at the same time so marines can't shoot all of them down.
#24 Bob the Newt[704]
Your being way too nice to renegade Johnny.
#25 .Praetor[946]
Hey Johnny, did anyone besides you rate the report. You're the only 10!! (Then again, I haven't check ~CB~'s ratings.) You desereved it though!
#26 Johnny_Vegas[948]
We at Battle Reports Online do not rate our own reports.
#27 Johnny_Vegas[1755]
I think someone should give me a 9. I don't think I deserve a ten for this really.
#28 Whore[1908]
whore = Johnny_Vegas
#29 [RS]Overmind[3747]
good battle report
what were you thinking allying?
o well
keep the BR's coming.
#30 [z]RubberDucky[25246]
I laf at renegade becuz he tells johnny wat the site is about =]
#31 Krebster[25337]
why am i reading this old report? and why did ducky?
#32 skozak[25697]
same reason as u Krebster, its hella good
and if i was u, i wouldn't have allied with that whining little...
#33 loserboye[26640]
who is commenting on anceint reports!
(its 10/01/00 y2k didn't kill us)
#34 Carnal XTC[29714]
Ahhh sexy report. ;) 1/2/00

And true enough, valks always win against wraith happy terran-bitches.
#35 sleeper[31666]
nice report, entertaining as always
but 2 10s?? There wasn't anything special here to deserve 10s...
#36 angrysalad[39415]
wow, it is an ancient report. Oh well, Johnny is my idol and I want to be just like him when I grow up =P

yay for terran!
#37 [39490]
Yeah sleeper, this getting two 10's is pretty funny. But this was a report from another place and another time... Times have changed. =]
#38 Shepherd[49134]
Gee. . .looks like it's time to recreate this battle into this:

Grandpa SCV: I want to tell you about the time of the apocolypse of a command center under construction on the expansion at waypoint alpha.
#39 [51406]
Hey how did you get a pic of the minimap while you were playing. were cheating!
#40 SlingsNArrows[51504]
you know, that's an awfully good question! oh wait.. not really.
#41 <font color=yellow> |]agomar[52347]
he must've had shared vision or good recon ;)

Great battlereport! I love reading those old ones sometimes. Funny to remember those days ;)

Cattle Bruiser owned!

Hey this is your first br I read . . . and I'm going straight to the next one! :oD
#42 Zumbooruk[75855]
An insight ito the past. It <i>was</i> well-written, even by today's standards. Actually I'm only commenting so I see what the comment number is (today's 3rd December 2000).
#43 Tiger-Fury[81090]
Excellent BR (BTW today is 19/01/01 =D)

Agreed with Zumbooruk ;)
#44 TDM[86918]
Agreed! Bravo, JV! Today is 3/10/01! :] (Month, day, year)
#45 CrackHeadJeb[92082]


Still looks like a 10 report to me.

#46 [102273]
I'd probably give it a 7 or an 8 today...

That's just a testament to how the standards have grown since then.
#47 [102274]
Oh yeah, 10/11/01
#48 NotDefault[102474]
Hi! 22/11/01

I dunno, it's definately higher than a seven. Probably a 9, maybe an 8. Sure it doesn't have that "special something" that makes a report a 10, but it's still a great report.

#49 NotDefaults[102490]
Whoops, my bad on date :). It was actually

#50 Flint79[106055]
January 1st, 2002
50th and First Comment of the New Year :P.

I liked the old days better and this report inspired me when I was but a frail newb.
#51 Breeze[106114]
2nd comment of 2002

#52 deathgod[106275]
3rd comment of 2002 here
#53 Tanks-A-Lot[107735]
good reporting, need more plz thx gw

#54 Strupisch[112128]
5th of 2002,
March 13 2002
#55 (...BlaZe...)[118536]
May 30th of 2002, great report, I still remeber this ;)
#56 Beatles_forsale[125851]
September 1, 2002
great report!
#57 demon_blade3[126621]
Spetember 14, 2003 yes I am from the future o.O I like any report from you so 'nuff said
#58 Flint79[134071]
That's right January 1st, 2003
First of the New year again
See #50

Dominating..see ya next year!
#59 LurkerBurger7[139024]
#60 LurkerBurger7[139025]
...nice job
#61 NotJim[140285]
IMHO, an 8. Last
#62 Smeagol[141110]
no me
cool a landmark report
#63 [145634]
Vegas > all
#64 7)Angels.[146818]
I think i might be the last comment, November 24, 2003 right now

awesomely written will always compensate for lack of massive photoshop tricks.

todays reporters could learn a lot

#65 ScotTt[146950]
December 1st, 2003

Although I wasn't around then, I can tell I would of liked the old days. There seems to have been a lot less flaming, and everyone seems to have been so nice. It's unfortunate that the site has gone downhill from there. Sometimes I wish I could recreate the atmosphere of a community as nice as this one used to be.

Johnny Vegas appears to me to have been not only a good writer and battle reporter, but an innovative Starcraft player. He also seems to have been extremely nice (an increasingly rare quality nowadays, only four short years later). A nice bit of work is displayed here, and although by today's standards I'm afraid to say it wouldn't get a ten, back then it surely deserved this high rating and more.

I wonder where Johnny Vegas is now?

#66 PeaceableGhost[149468]
I'm bored...

13 - May - 'O4
#67 maareek[150709]
I love this report. No matter how many times I read it it still is a great battlereport. Mines and valks are killer.

#68 Auz[151211]
wow other people are reading old reports like me? Its the 30th of july 2004 and I thought that I was the only person going through the hall of fame. Good reporting Vegas!

#69 Shuriken[152188]
the Vegas in his prime!!

excellent report
#70 Shuriken[152189]
btw 8/16/04
#71 [152276]
This comment section is like a living historical account. BTW its 8/18/04, I was 23 when I wrote this, now I'm 28. Wow.

I'm pretty amazed this got a 10, but that just goes to show you how much the art of battle reporting has grown.

As I write this, we are in the process of revamping the site, so that we stay fresh for another 5 years.
#72 rigbieys[152606]
Last. Oh shit, oh fuck, please let me be last.

#73 snowyday[152609]
Too bad man, too fucking bad.
#74 Tripe[153098]
Hello, from the WORLD OF TOMORROW(9/6/04)
#75 wakiki[154045]
Heh, nice read here. :D I do find the 10's funny though.
#76 sQuIrKy[154906]
u starcraft pros....

but i loved ur report. and i tink jonnyvegas sounds cool. u eva watched ocean's eleven? heheh
#77 wakiki[154937]
#78 Agent_of_Sol[164341]
#79 Anon[166948]
Hello, from the WORLD OF TOMORROW(12/august/2010)

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