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"Unfortunately, guardians do not do nearly as well against carriers as he thought"

#1 BJack ([9920]
Must you raise the bar with every report you do? That carnage pic was obviously superior to any other picture, that is until the next battle report. Only 2 pictures didn't work, so I assume my comment will be deleted...but that's alright. I could care less. I'm just typing some stuff for the hell of it.
#2 ([9921]
You are in luck my friend! I fixed the pictures and two other mistakes that I found... Voila! The report is ready to rock. It was a pleasure to watch this game. Hopefully I did a good enough job accurately representing it while drawing the reader into the story. And again, hopefully all my Canadian and Southern Californian friends can take a little ribbing.
#3 JSH ([9922]
Great BR man, the Ricky Martin Protoss was just too much. :) And that carnage in the middle was INSANE. Wow. Awesome BR of an awesome game.
#4 [FLS]prozerran (HNW0511.RESNET-STUDENT.UPENN.EDU)[9924]
Just for your imformation, Quebec'ers ain't OUR PROUD FELLOW CANADIANS!! They even call themselves "Canadiens". Separatists!!!! DIE DIE DIE!
#5 Persian-POW ([9925]
This is the greatest 2v2 Battle report ever. Definitely deserves a 10. The pictures seem to get better with each report, am I wrong? I want to be in a YRM report now so I can have my name animated, I could be the heroic slayer of the evil Iranian overlords.
#6 Persian-POW ([9926]
#7 Savage']['eaCup<font size="1"> ([9927]
YRM probably rated it 9 =D and maybe the other raters didn't get to read it yet. btw are you allowed to rate ur own reports?
#8 Savage']['eaCup<font size="1"> ([9928]
hrmmm... how many ppl here lives in southern california? i do =D ......*thinks maybe he is YRM's best friend in the real world*
#9 JSH ([9929]
I'm pretty sure that raters refrain from rating their own reports.
#10 TheRubberDucky ([9932]
Oh god. I can't even link pictures that I didn't even create, and looked at them in my broweser! Anyhoo, I'm talking about the pic with all them gateways and the MACRO going downwards next to it.
#11 Persian-POW ([9933]
You know it's not an authentice Rubber Ducky report/comment if there aren't broken images :D
#12 Whoop ([9935]
A couple things u missed from my point of view.

We saw the floating CC when I did a peon raid on Orc's cliff. I stormed the hell out of a bunch of scvs.

Before we took down lewis I did another reaver drop where I sent in about 8 zeals to his front door and dropped his natural killing about 90% of the probes mining there.

Orc got disced after we had almost entirely razed lewis's base. My gayweb was for orc not lewis who was already dead.

Ok so enough of the inaccuraccy. This was a GREAT report. By the way I thought it was ALL over when we got SMACKED in the middle. Damn Orc was owing us both then about 6 reavers get dropped into the mix....OUCHIE! Vegas wraiths were saviors.

Man the tank killing the gas was AWESOME picture. I love gay shit like that
#13 Mark4 ([9937]
YRM is the king of battle reports. There is none higher. He just has to learn how to play worth a damn =]
#14 OrcManiac ([9938]
That was cool report ! haha woop ur probe suck ! they sing gay shit . Ok as for the game, I think what killed me was i had my gaz cut out for too long so i got forced to make many MM and the templar took care of them :() damn ! anyway it was a gg. Next time the quebecers will own you !

PS: ouur beer is better,our chicks are hotter and we are much better ar startcraft :D this game was just pure luck (yeah right hehe)
#15 Johnny_Vegas ([9939]
Woooweee!! That report rocked man! I laughed so hard coke almost came out my nose. The soft drink, not the kind you snort. hehe

YRM owns you all!
#16 Persian-POW ([9940]
Sure Johnny, com'n, we all know that all Southern Californians are hard core coke addicts. The kind you snort, not the soft drink.
#17 Necrosausage! ([9941]
Heya Ducky I just borrowed Armaggeddon today and it kinda rocks - can you tell me which is the best special team weapon? I love the flamethrower and the holy handgrenade, but I didnt try out all of em yet
#18 HolyAnarchy{GK} ([9942]
WOW!!!!! This is the best YourRoleModel BR ever. I'm serious, guys. I mean, look at this:
1. References to Kidrock
2. The gayness of Ricky Martin
3. Sterotypes
4. Beret's mentioned
5. Stereotypes
6. The reference to hockey.
7. The reference to WWF (even though Jericho is a homo)

There, just look at that! Duuuuuuude! Although, YRM screwed up the song "Bawitdabaw" a bit. It really goes...
Baw it da baw the bang a bang diggy diggy said the monkey said up-jump the boogey. But oh well. I think this deserves a 10. 10! It deserves 10000000000000000000 and 1! You own, YRM.
#19 Savage']['eaCup<font size="1"> ([9944]
hmm.... sorry this is OT but what the hell did rubberducky to do the comment section on that really cool 4v4 bgh game report above this?
#20 JSH ([9945]
To get Dark Temple, just download it from someone who has it already.
#21 Lifeforce ([9946]
nice battlereport but i get offended by the title because i am canadian and we dont ruin there are some bad isp yes i admit but not all of them are bad i got an excellent one.
#22 JSH ([9947]
Uh, if you read the last lesson learned you'll see that all the anti-Canadian comments are done in humorous sarcasm and not to be taken seriously.
#23 Lifeforce ([9949]
nice battlereport but i get offended by the title because i am canadian and we dont ruin there are some bad isp yes i admit but not all of them are bad i got an excellent one.
#24 -DarkZeaiot-/Ana ([9952]
Damn you YRM, now I can't get Livin' La Vida Loca outta my head.. why'd you go and do that to me? Now I have to go listen to about 10 hours of industrial heavy metal to get it out.... But other than that, Kickass report. Another YRM classic. You always find a way to out do yourself.. there should be a special YRM bengalass or something... I'll get working on that
#25 ([9953]
HAHA I hope you are kidding Lifeforce. I have noticed in the past that Canadians are extremely easy to piss off when you make fun of their country, even in jest, which this obviously was. Now most of the Canadians that I know personally are very cool, but I once read about 80 Canadian hatemails on an unrelated site to an unrelated incident in wrestling that was obviously done tongue in cheek but taken very seriously.

As for rating our own reports, well some people don't rate their own, sometimes I do (honor shmonor, if I think I know what it was worth, I rate it, 12 other people can shoot that down). I haven't rated this one though. Again, I wouldn't post it if I didn't think it could get a 10... that's my new policy, but somebody up there refuses to allow me another 10.0. Maybe this one had, "too much sarcasm"... or, "you forgot a comma" etc... I don't care, I was really into this report and am very happy with it.

As for Whoop. Well, I tried to catch 99% of the action... the report is already 5 pages long of just text in a word processor. I can only guess that some of these events occurred simultaneously. Like Mark4 says... now if I could only play! Oh well, Johnny + Whoop > King + Orc... but Johnny + Mark4 < King + Whoop... and when we team up, it may not look like it, but I secretly carry Mark4 to victory when we win by driving him to do more himself without any help.

#26 Slicer ([9954]
My... god.


<img "">
#27 Slicer ([9956]
Oh, and DarkZealot, personal recommendation: Chemical Noose by Flotsam and Jetsam will have your brains out your nose (and la vida loca out of your head) in an hour or so if you turn it up loud enough...
#28 SuperGeneral ([9959]
D'oh thats I wont bother with html this time i always make a typo.
#29 Chris.Tan ([9962]
Once Again.
American fiends shall perish in our wake:)

Seriously, once I find a proper Canadian partner we'll start tearing it up in SC:0
That, and if I can stop being so newbie and relying on my offensive / carrier rush strategies to win me games.
You know it's good.
#30 Fractal_Wave ([9963]
;) ;) ;)
!!! !!! !!

My friend, this is outstanding...the carnage pic was even better than the stOrm one.

But the Barenaked Ladies are not the best canadian band to use...try Our Lady Peace...

But the Kid Rock & Ricky Martin had me rolling on the floor.

Keep it up mon

All the best,
will beat YRM one of these days
#31 T_Mac ([9966]
OMG, rofl, i love those probes of whoops, now i know that hes really a big pansy :) Btw, canadians own!
#32 TheRubberDucky ([9967]
<i>Heya Ducky I just borrowed Armaggeddon today and it kinda rocks - can you tell me which is the best special team weapon? I love the flamethrower and the holy handgrenade, but I didnt try out all of em yet </i>

Best special team weapon imho is similar to the balance of starcraft. Each one has it's up's and downs. I personally have 2 teams ranked pretty high (almost 300 points) playing on WormNET, I suggest that as a newbie (if u didn't play worms2) you start out with the flamethrower or the supersheep. Once you get good at handling a grenade move on to a holy hand grenade or a sheep launcher. I use a flame thrower on my Goonz On Crackz team (which is what I play in the BR I'm writing =]) on my other team that I play with on wormnet, I use a SuperSheep (Actually an aqua sheep now, since about 4 am yesterday) and a Super Banana bomb. Super Banaa bombs r for those of us that love killing 5 things in 1 turn =] Email me if u wanna play, cuz I'm gonna spend the rest of the month trying to get to elite on wormnet =]
#33 1badassmarine ([9968]
That was simply awesome...those singing drones and the carnage seen will be remembered forever... or at least until the next YRM B.R. comes out...

#34 Persian-POW ([9970]
Someone needs to stop the RUbberDucky. He's poisoning all the comment sections so we can't post anymore.
#35 [HS]Merlin ([9971]
No offense to Whoop this comment has nothing to do with him but with 3 working bases you can easily support more than 10 gateways. If you never stop making probes you can use 14 gateways from 2 bases. 6 for templars and 8 for zealots. Like I said I have played with Whoop b4 and hes good and he will probably agree with me. I bet he had 1000 bucks or more. not trying to be mean i just point this out for YRM's sake. I think you know your a macro player when you rally point your units to your opponent's base.

Anyways, if your wondering where i've been, school started for me ,i'm a senior and im playing football. With all my AP classes and shit, my schedule is : Wake up 6;30, school 7;20-2;10 , football practice 3;00-6;30, after i change to my clothes and get home its 7;00, I like to take a long shower for about 20 minutes then im starving so I eat until 8;00 then its homework till 9;00 to even 12;30 one night. Plus once a week we have a game and i dont even get home till 10;00. I really hate practice but I'm friends with all my teammates and thats the only reason its fun. On the weekends I usually have some free time but lately I spend it with my friends and like I go for maybe an hour to play on kali. Weeknights at 9;30 if I finish homework early I go on kali or bnet, I never see u guys on bnet though.

I guess you could say I "got a life" but let me tell you it sucks and I would much rather spend my time on bnet! I do homework/play football/hang with friends because they are more important then starcraft, NOT MORE FUN. We'll now im just rambling stupid shit. Whoop I wanna talk to u send me an email at or add me to your icq list 9148812

I REALLY want to restart those qwe tournaments maybe we could do them once a week instead like sunday night or something I usually spend a couple hours online sunday night.
#36 1badassmarine ([9972]
That was simply awesome...those singing drones and the carnage seen will be remembered forever... or at least until the next YRM B.R. comes out...

#37 Whoop ([9973]
Yes you can support more than 10 gateways. One thing tho I was pumping reavers/shuttles from a robo bay and pumping corsair from 2 stargates. My minerals never got above 500 except once when I was micro-ing my reavers. In fact I was getting a little worried about running dry when my main and natural were mined out. I had only second natural and island but fortunately we killed lewis and i took his natural so the flow was resumed.
#38 Whoop ([9975]
One more thing that was taking minerals/gas was upgrades my ground was 3/3/2 at end and had dweb and corsair energy upgrade. Bah dont tell me about gateways :DDD
#39 ([9976]
I think it's time I "got a life"... I'm hanging up my hat at Broodwar and Battlereporting for a while. I have another project to work on anyway, and I'm sick of getting owned and smurfed online, especially in front of people who want to watch me play and then get disgusted with how much I suck (I FUCKING TOLD YOU I SUCK). I'm sick of giving allied victories to everyone I beat and sitting and watching people destroy my base when they win. It's just a game, but I'm not having fun anymore. There really isn't anywhere else to go with a new report anytime soon, and I can't spend this amount of time on reporting for a while.

It's been a fun ride, and there's plenty of YRM reports to go back and re-read.

Maybe I'll find the addiction returning at some point and return, thanks for all the kind comments. I hope someone picks up the ball and continues with the FFA report of Mark4, Heartcutter, and [FLS]Prozerran... I'll still read and rate reports, so I hope to see it.

Yours Truly
#40 OrcManiac ([9977]
Hhahaha you think that whoop is good now uh ? let me say to you that I saw him die horribly 3 games in a row today !! haha whooop u suck ! and his sucky partner was Orcmaniac .....DOH ! man wtf happened !! :() heheh YRM i just read the report again i laughed hard again, you really rock ! keep em coming ;)
#41 OrcManiac ([9978]
Doh I just saw YRM post...well man I understand your point and you did quite a awesome jobs with the reports and I thank you for that.
#42 Persian-POW ([9979]

Well I guess we can look forward to World War Threeway FFA Part 2 as seen through the eyes of KornRulz. That's very bad news indeed.
#43 King-Lewis ([9980]
Weeeeepeeeee !

Nice BR Yrm as always u own. That was the coolest lost i ever play :) ... Johnny Vegas wraiths was the turning point in that game, they kill all orc tanks at middle and also 2 of my loaded shuttle (4 reaver ! FU JV :)> ) ...

The theme was cool and Orc is right, our chicks r hotter and we OWN starcraft, execpt player like ahscar, whoop, Jv errr ...

gg guys lets have a rematch with YRM observer ! :) cya
#44 SnowSquall ([9981]
This in regards to YRM's going away:

If you all are wondering why he's going away, you can blame me.. because I was the person in question who beat him 2 times. YRM, in all the games we played, I _always_ said "I'm done" or "I'm finished" or something along those lines.. then we allied. You never once said that, so I assumed you were still in the game and playing. I would have GLADLY allied with you. I'm really really sorry, that was a total misunderstanding on our part then. If I had known that, again, I would have GLADLY allied with you.
I always offer allied when the other person is done.

2nd, I'm sure you're referreing to the one person who was watching our game.. who quit watching about 3/4ths of the way though with a "you 2 suck". Who cares what he thinks? I dont care. I just dont.. it gets old to be told that "you suck dude" or something along those lines, but I try to remind myself I'm playing this for fun, not to be a starcraft god. Maybe it was just the stars that you were having a really bad night and I was playing very well. (for me, anyways)

3rd, I'm sorry I wasn't a little more talkative. The 2nd game especially was so intense that I was concentrating in a million different areas and just didnt have much time for chit-chat.. and didnt realize I was being totally silent.

I really hope you're not done... and if you are, I'm going to feel largely responsible for it. Sigh.

But if you really think that it's no longer any fun.. then I respect that decision and wish you the best in your other endeavors. I, for one, will be sad. I just hope it's not an "I quit because I lost to you twice and some moron watching had to tell me I suck." becaues then you're just letting them get the best of you. For what its worth, he told me I suck too. :P

SnowSquall.. just your average jobber.
#45 SnowSquall ([9983]
I would just like to comment a bit further on one subject, and that's regarding observers. Observing a game is a privledge. Don't go telling the 2 people that they suck, or that they should have done this, or done that, unless they solicit your view after the game.

We had 2 observers in our games, and while one was perfectly fine, the other one was rude. When I observe, I'm invisible. They shouldnt even know that I'm there... unless, they prompt me to enter a conversation.

So if you're just going to insult people who arent as good as you, dont waste your time observing.
#46 ([9985]
I was hoping not to make another comment on the subject... it wasn't one or two games, or one or two comments that made me finally realize that I'm wasting my time with this game.

The amount of effort it takes to compete at a high level just ruins the fun for me... and I still can't compete.

The smurfs will have to prey on someone esle who sucks from now on... hehehe.

Later all.
#47 El cazador ([9987]
Man, I love this site.
Battle reports weren't that much of a thrill for me to read, but the one day I fell around here, I found a Cattle_Bruiser report and a YRM one. You guys rock.
You make this FUN!. It's too bad finding out YRM is calling it quits, since his were the best reports. I'll keep coming back anyways.

Time to plug my SC comic. If you haven't read it yet, check it out at: http//
#48 skozak ([9988]
I'll always remember the great YRM reports... The World War 3-Way, Mark4 and Upgraded-Kakaru... And many others who's titles I can't remember:)
I just wonder one thing, who will take over the World War 3-Way War?
Well, I better stop writing before I start embarassing myself...
Before I go, I say this... In honour (yes canadian spelling, I'm born and bred in this winter wonderland) Of YRM, I offer myself up to the greats... as Smurph bait.
Bye YRM... See you around
#49 TheRubberDucky ([9989]
BTW YRM, plz answer my questions about the MACRO text in
<img "/rolemodel/2v2pic05.jpg" width="20%">
#50 TheRubberDucky ([9994]
I think that someone such as Fractacal_Wave or however u speell his name should take over the world war 3 way thingy, assuming he could produce them like the family reunioun thing, just smaller.
#51 ronin~ ([10004]
hmm just so we all know, it is very easy to kill orc and king, simply because they have inferior genetics which prevents them from performing normal tasks (starcraft etc..) while sober. this is a horrifying example of how people take advantage of a sad and lamentable canadian weakness. Shame on you whoop and JV, whoop you should know better anyways. i hope we have all learned something from this. oh, and the key to killing orc/king is to peon rush king...he is incapapble of defense in the first 5 minutes of the game :] gg guys and great report.

hmm forgot, quebecian weakness. oh and do you guys wear berets?
#52 ronin~ ([10005]
actually make that 10 minutes..luv ya king
#53 Mark4 ([10008]
Damnit YRM! No Quitting!

I'd even give you the secret to Johnny's 4 vulture drop. No one can beat that. It's like a little bit of instant victory.

#54 Von Doom ([10009]
Dont ya quit on us boy!!
I know how U feel, I am the same way, but I does´nt matter if some1 is whopping ur ass all the time, play the game 4 the fun and the friends!!
And plzz report some more??
I know I would if I had Ur graphics and text abilities...

CyA at the
Von Doom
#55 Heartcutter ([10010]
YRM. Don't leave. You just need a break. SC will be here when you get back. Thanks again for the best damn BR's ever written.
#56 Nutling ([10012]
First Agent911 is quiting SC/BW and now YRM. WTF. This game is a timeless classic = Go play WAR2 bnet ed or Diablo II or something and when you get bored you'll be back here =]
#57 Nutling ([10013]
that = was supposed to be a =/ .....i'll go now.
#58 Drag0nbane ([10014]
Where can I get Dark Temple?
#59 Blank ([10016]
#60 JSH ([10017]
YRM, I agree with Heartcutter, you might just need a break for a while. Don't worry about losing, most of us are hear to play for fun, and don't let the jerks get you down. But if you really aren't having fun anymore, then by all means step away and pursue other endeavors that you may find more enjoyable. I have a feeling you'll come back though. :)

GL and HF,
#61 Johnny_Vegas ([10018]
Damn, YRM I understand how u feel. SC takes a lot of practice to really compete with the best players. I've accepted the fact that I'll never be a great player either. You just got to do it for fun. And not worry about losing. Also don't play 2v2's versus Ice and Whoop if you don't have Zileas as your partner. I found playing people at your own skill level is usually more fun than playing the pros. The thing about SC that frustrates a lot of people is this "God damn it, it's just a stupid game, I've been playing it for a year, why do I still suck??"

Fact is, skill comes from LOTS of hours of playing. And your right it is kind of a waste of time. But it's also damn fun!

Just think of all the people's days that you make brighter by reading your reports. Think of this! What if your reports put people in the best mood, so for the rest of the day they are nice to everyone around them. That in turn spreads, and those people are nice to MORE people. My estimate is for every report you write you make 1 million people happy. Now how many of us has the power to do that?
#62 Dev ([10019]
Ain't no WAY I'm picking up YRM's Mark4/Heartcutter/FLS-Prozerran game reports. The people who read here deserve better than I write. Besides, I've been out of the BR writing game, and the game itself, for quite some time now.

I nominate Fractal_Wave to carry YRM's load. The guy has plenty o' talent and effor.
#63 TheRubberDucky ([10021]
You have to second my nomination. Sorry. But I wanna watch one of them just so I can improve my starcraft skillz, by writing a report, of which I don't intend to post, because it would not be of YRM quality, but I would send it to mark4 just cuz I enjoying sending senseless emails to him,

BTW, why no comments on the community I stored my pix in, WestHollywood? The gay/lesbian spot!
#64 Snowreaver ([10022]
I dunno why everyone has a problem with Canada, it's not like they're french or anything, right? Besides, how can you take a country with no real military power seriously? =)

Anyway... kickass report as usual YRM. You got me to ditch EQ and play SC once more in hopes that I'll be good enough again to have my own name in flashing lights one day. Like that'll happen. ;D
#65 Johnny_Vegas ([10023]
I always used to think it would be easy to take over canada. But probably half the population up there are backwoods hunter types who would turn the war into a bloody guerrila warfare conflict.

Even if we did take em over, they'd corrupt our society with their rapant alcoholism and bad manners.

Just kidding! haha
#66 Johnny_Vegas ([10026]
#67 Snowreaver ([10030]
Er... YRM quit? I missed that until now... how the hell am I supposed to get my rematch if you quit playing BW? Damnit.
#68 ([10036]
Ugh... it's been not even 24 hours and I am starting to get the shakes... couldn't have played Broodwar anyway, but the thought of living without it gets harder.

No rematches Snowreaver. I will quit while I am behind. I never should have given SnowSquall an attempt at a rematch. After "improving" for a month, losing to a guy I beat four in a row two months ago was enough to make me want to hang it up... especially after me guaranteeing a win in game two (if I had truly improved, no way I get beat by a one unit rush or a slow tank push). If I am getting worse instead of better, as things seem to indicate, why bother...

SnowSquall's a good writer, he knocked me into retirement, have him pick up the reporting slack... and get your rematch there SnowReaver. You can fight over the snow title.
#69 -=DarkHawke=- ([10038]
Cya YRM!!!
Nice reading your excellent reports, and your ever-so-funny speaches
" I fly higher than darkhawke, he is my wing " or whatever you say on rw 8)

Well, I know you'll come back to sc 8)
Cya later man,
Its only a game. 8
#70 <img ""></img> (1[10039]
Hiya! Don't my name rock?
#71 <img ""> </img> ([10040]
YRM, you had to read my last post before you left!
you knew I had to make a image! =D
Cya later yrm
#72 BJack ([10041]
...that is until the next battle report...
Stupid me. To think that another YRM report would come. Oh well, it was a great run as king of the br's, and someone will step up soon (Fractal_Wave...everyone's looking at you). You should just play games for fun with friends and make sure they talk during the games. Those are the fun ones, when you're just taunting your opponet with nothing. I dunno, but you shouldn't quit.
#73 T_Mac ([10045]
I find that orc is a great guy to taunt with nothing :D
#74 Johnny_Vegas ([10050]
I like to taunt when I am losing my ass. "Surrender now! Or I shall send my army of floating buildings your way!"
#75 TheRubberDucky ([10053]
YourRoleModel, Will you PLEEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tell me what font you wrote macro in on that pic with the 9 gates??? If you do, I'll be nice!!!!!! (but shortly after this, the third time I've asked, I will kill unHolyAnarchy{GK} just cuz I can beat him but not mark4
#76 ([10055]
Fajita ICG Duck
#77 .Praetor ([10057]
Elcalzador, your comic rocks!

YRM, I gave this report a 10, first time since the 3-way FFA. Why? The writing was FANTASTIC! Good job, excellent report to end on.

As to YRM leaving, goodbye and good luck!
But you'll be back. There are just a few great games out there that people who have played them always get a hankering some time in the future. For me they are:

StarCraft (Blizz)
WarCraft: II (Blizz)
HQ Command (Microprose)
MarioKart (Nintendo [SNES {I love parentheses}])
Genghis Kahn (Nintendo [NES])

'Praetor' Fred Wilson type:Other
#78 <src img "file:///C:/Multimedia%20Files/Finished/FungeeBanner.GIF"> (142.165.109[10059]
#79 Fractal_Wave ([10060]
Wow...I'm all confuzzled. On the one hand, I'm saddened that MyRoleModel has chosen to leave StarCraft for a while, or possibley permanentaly. On the other, people seem to be calling on me to take over. Wow.

On the 1st note:
I know the feeling my friend & I am partially guilty for asking you for games 24 / 7, and asking you to report stuff...should have known better. Considering the effort I put in to my reports & yours are just that much better, I can't expect a report of every game, even the really funky ones...(Recalled Carriers ~own!)

I don't recall not allying with you...I hope I'm not guilty of that, but I really don't remember. Sorry if I didn't on any occasion.

And sorry for calling you a Carrier Whore

I too know the feeling of not getting any better...It is aggravating. My record sits at a fairly even .500. But you have improved: I beat you best 2-of-3, and then you've been owning me after that.

"If I'm getting worse instead of better, then why bother?"

That's a question you've got to answer for and large, I've given up on playing quality StarCraft, simply 'cause I know I can't do it. If you feel the need to improve at something to keep doing it, then that's a personal choice. I can understand it, being a 16-year-old whiz kid who hates being worse than anything.

I'll stop trying to psychoanalyze you here. That's your job.

On to the second note:

All the best, and hope to talk to you again Joe. (you've got my email address)

#80 Fungee ([10062]
<src img"file:///C:/Multimedia%20Files/Finished/FungeeBanner.GIF">
#81 Fungus ([10063]
OH WELL!!!!!! HTML is far to challenging for me =( oh well
#82 MikeyMonty ([10064]
Adios, YRM. If you wnat my worthless advice, stop trying to play well, and just play for fun with your buddies. Especially if you are busy, don't waste time with discers and lamers. I have time for about one game a week, so I only play with people I know are cool. Either way, come back soon.
#83 MikeyMonty ([10065]
Adios, YRM. If you wnat my worthless advice, stop trying to play well, and just play for fun with your buddies. Especially if you are busy, don't waste time with discers and lamers. I have time for about one game a week, so I only play with people I know are cool. Either way, come back soon.
#84 Reggaeoncrack ([10066]
well, for what its worth, cya YRM and gl. i think ive said hi to you like once before :)

#85 [5th]Garett ([10076]
See ya YRM,your reports were some of the best and i think everyone here will miss u. :(
#86 Mr. Merf ([10077]
YRM, I don't even have to say it.;-0 But... Awesome BR.

Sorry to see you leave, if that's what you're doing. But for everyone else, I have to say that I perfectly understand at least taking a month or six off. I do it a lot: play a game to my limit/it's limit and then get sick of it and wonder why games now are so much less addicting than ones i've played before. Or why am I playing some idiot computer game when I could be doing something constructive;-) (I'm just joking... kinda)

But then, after a while, the madness recedes and I return to build up again to my former prowess (what prowess?) and it's all fresh again.

For those of you who read that... Wake up, now!!! I'm done!
YRM, hope to cya later.
#87 Mr. Merf ([10078]
In addition, I'd just like to say that I seriously doubt the veracity of the claims here stating that some single incident made YRM give up.

ex.(He was smurfing and ... and I called him a newbie *sob*!!!) It's alright guys, I'm sure all the fault belongs to (drum roll)....
#88 T_Mac ([10083]
Awww man YRM, i really hope you're not leaving cuz of the bastards on bnet (like orc whos too good). But your reports always brightened my day (just like losing to orc probably brightened his day), and i sure will miss em :(

#89 MasterOfMordor ([10101]
Well, YRM. I've scrolled through all the goodbye's and farewells, and it's obvious that you've made a big impact on many people. I wish you luck, with what ever you do, because I know you strive for quality, and will do everything the best you can. I look forward to seeing you again, or your work again, be it tomarrow, a week from now, a month, a year. You've imprinted yourself into the very lives of many people, that alone makes you a SC 'celebrity'. I speak for everyone when I say, 'till next time.
#90 -=Elminster=- ([10105]
This game is about orc-bashing, this deserves a platinum bengalas by itself (to add to my already growing list of reasons to hate orc, i died again from a group of orcs today in uo 8( ) 8), although im abit upset by seeing whoop gaining victory, but there has to be a tradeoff somewhere rite ? 8). Anyway great br, pity i didnt have chance to see the game, it woulda helped a newbie like me alot
#91 Snowreaver ([10110]
Bah. After hearing how much I suck I think I could stand to play somebody more my speed, if yer not that good anymore. You'll come back, sooner or later. Have fun man.
#92 SnowSquall ([10118]
I may write well, but there's no way I can even approach the graphical genius that's in YRM's reports. I wouldn't even touch trying to write a BR of the 3 way FFA because I just wouldn't do it justice. I definitely agree that Fractal could substitute rather admirably. I would be willing to help him, especially if he could handle the graphics part, I would certainly be willing to write up a report. But I couldn't do it justice by myself. It takes 2 people to fill the large shoes of YRM.

One other thought.. although you were despondent that you lost to me twice because you beat me 4 times in a row 2 months ago, remember that:

a) those games were close.
b) I've improved as well.
c) Everyone loses to a one-unit rush sometimes.
Even Heartcutter.
d) If we play 10 games, each of us is probably going to win
5 apiece.

Well if you got through yesterday and the shakes then you're going to make it staying away for a while. Hope you have fun doing other things, and I look forward to seeing another BR someday, because you're the best. I just wish I didnt have that title of "person who knocked YRM into retirement." I'm almost afraid to set foot in NH again. :P

#93 Heartcutter ([10119]
Well, I hope you have one more report in you. We still need the 3 way FFA part II, and there's no one better than you when it comes to BRs.

FLS and Mark4, can you do it this Sunday at 11am PST? Or sometime Sunday?

#94 Necrosausage! ([10124]
cu l8r le g8r...

you will come back tho - BW is not a game to be given up so easy...
#95 Necrosausage! ([10125]
BTW: seems like Im #100 ...

YRM = comment whore
#96 YourRoleModel ([10138]
Thanks for the sentiments Squeaky, but the link don't work... =(
#97 SqueakyMonkey ([10142]
WOOOOO!!!!!!! IT WORKED, I AM THE KING!!!! Sorry for the spamming, I am an idiot and geocities is too. The graphics in the other three comments won't work, but won't show up as broken images, they just keep loading, please get rid of them.<br>
<i>"The computer is only as intelligent as it's user."</i>
#98 [IceBerG] ([10146]
Just 2 points I wanted to make...

#1) I only wish I was 1/2 as good as Whoop thinks he is

#2) Besides the point that we're losing a best BR'er there is, Whoop and I will never get a YRM report done on us. Probably good, we'd probably lose.<-- That is unless the "great almighty" Whoop could carry us.

#99 Mark4 ([10148]
YRM, I promise if you don't quit I'll play with you in 2v2s until the blood of newbies runs knee deep on battle net. And I won't yell at you during the games. Much. =]
Only as much as I'd yell at Johnny.
#100 Johnny_Vegas ([10149]
I'd recommend quitting, rather than hear Mark4's venomous banter!

Don't let him trick you, like he did me!
#101 SqueakyMonkey ([10155]
Wow, they all work. I guess the second one should probably be kept. Once, again, sorry for spamming.
#102 ~CB~ ([10161]
Heh. Put that rating pen back in your hostler, pardner! I gave you one 9. I never rated this report; that's someone else's 9 out there.

Excellent work as usual.
#103 Alita99 ([10165]
Au revoir mon ami.

#104 ([10184]
Alita? Not you too! Put those french words back in your holster, pardner! I'll have to whip out a few retributive 9.0's on you too!

I give your comment a 9.0!!! HAHA!
#105 ~CB~ ([10189]
You used three exclamations points, an all-caps laugh, and forgot to capitalize French.

I give your comment a 7.0! ;)
#106 YourRoleModel ([10200]
For improper use of a semicolon and parenthesis, I give your comment a 4.0.
#107 Alita99 (dhcp216-149.URel.Berkeley.EDU)[10229]
Finally, my adverse playing style will be up for the whole community to study and develop strategies to counter (not that there isn't anyone already who can do this on the fly while playing a game against me) via a battle report from YourRoleModel!

I'll settle for a 9.0 report YRM (as your PROMISE me above), but a 10.0 report would be so much better! I'm sure everyone here would agree! =)

Remember, you promised!


See you in the Korhol Sector...
#108 ([10241]
I already gave you a 9.0... for your comment. Promise kept.
#109 Chargon ([10245]
wow, yrm u are a master. I was roflmao when i read your ricky martin stuff. u cant go anywhere, what am i going to veg out on at work? =.( U have defiently heightened my sc experierce. i luv u yrm
#110 Persian-POW ([10246]
I give you all F's.
#111 sho_kosugi ([10291]
Damn YRM....we'll really miss you. I always look forward to seeing your reports. I'm sorry things didn't work out this time around. Believe me, it's not's me. ;-)

Anyway, perhaps you can be like Barry Sanders and come out of your retirement...please please please...

Much Respect for the legendary YRM,
Shelly Loren, aka sho_kosugi
#112 Warbringer187 ([10332]
Good Bye old friend YRM
You own all BR's
CB watch out ur gettin 9's now from YRM

It will be sad, but if the games is no longer fun I respect ur decision.

Fire 21 gun salute to our fallen comrade YRM

ps. hope u only needd a break andd someday return to BRO
#113 Orange-Fungus ([10403]
Bye bye Mr.YourRoleModel. I hope you will return some day (mabye Tomorrow?). Rate this comment, I checked all the grammar (Not that that helps much). Bye bye Ill miss you. One last thing, can you put up my pic on the comments section? My html never works.
#114 Fungee's Test! ([10405]
<src img "C:beggining.jpeg">
#115 Fungee ([10406]
Oh well, ill survive =( damn crappy html, never works... can someone repeat the command for posting jpegs?
#116 patheto ([10428]
OOOOOOHOOOOO! open the champagne, for a new BR has been published. No, not a lowly br, a BR!
And just to add my personal stereotyping...
you made a little mistake there, YRM. You said Canadians. Those guys are from Quebec.
#117 Capt.Corpse ([10653]
That report rocked. Keep up the good work.
#118 ~(Sauron)~ ([10720]
Its funny it seems to me that the world champion is from canada maybe they are the best
#119 Ben the bastard child of elavator love ([10738]
man who ever wrote that reports a crackhead
#120 Mr.SpecialK ([10740]
Well done report. I thought I was the only person on Bnet with a "real" sense of humor. I have been proven wrong. I got into a conversation with a Canadian the other day. He said that all great civilizations "fall", his example was Rome. I said if America falls it wont be because of some Germanic Tribes it will be because the Chinese will drop one of "our" bombs on us. When I said "our", I meant the ones that they stole the plans for. Then he said everything costs more over here. By that time I knew I was talking to an ignorant Canadian so I left with my famous phrase "Canada is just jealous of our prosperity and power". Of course I am a kid and have no real grasp on the situation at hand so I wouldnt consider myself an expert. Anyways it seems I have babbled a little more than usual. Good battle report was what I wanted to say.
#121 michael brown ([10746]
i didnt read the report.
#122 [-slayer-] ([10751]
btw just to let u know canada has far better players than those damn US hicks on the farms i think that Grrrr... and the other excellent canadian players kick far more ass, and n e way, johnny vegas,orc-maniac, king-lewis and whoop r mid card players that dont represent either side at all, they are all like 1100-1200 players and sorry to say but they suck and so did ur commentary jokes.
#123 Lord_Kentarre ([10752]

YRM you are da bomb at this crap
#124 -={NeonPeon}=- ([10754]
Hey YRM, i've been watching your work for a while now, and i'd have to say that i'm impressed. You'll be missed.
I think its time we all stop dragging ass on and stop putting that 4.0 shit out here. Put some time into this, learn from your mistakes, and lets raise the bar of the quality of all reports, not just the better writers like YRM. Ive been inspired.....

#125 -={NeonPeon}=- ([10755]
Hey YRM, i've been watching your work for a while now, and i'd have to say that i'm impressed. You'll be missed.
I think its time we all stop dragging ass on and stop putting that 4.0 shit out here. Put some time into this, learn from your mistakes, and lets raise the bar of the quality of all reports, not just the better writers like YRM. Ive been inspired.....

#126 ([10756]
If you look closely at posters like slayer, who seem to be seriously trying to defend Canada here (a few posts up), you'll notice that there is a suspicious lack of brain material...

OMG you have to be a FUCKING MORON if you didn't realize that I was just joking around... to the rest of you, who wrote intellegent comments, thanks muchly...

I may not be retired permenantly, if Johnny gets enough add clicks this week (repeated clicking doesn't help in the same few hours). I will come out of retirement and finish the FFA Series... Please, if you like this stuff at all, click the adds.

I don't get any money from them, but I am doing this in a tribute to Johnny_Vegas for putting the site up and maintaining it.
#127 ([10757]
If you look closely at posters like slayer, who seem to be seriously trying to defend Canada here (a few posts up), you'll notice that there is a suspicious lack of brain material...

OMG you have to be a FUCKING MORON if you didn't realize that I was just joking around... to the rest of you, who wrote intellegent comments, thanks muchly...

I may not be retired permenantly, if Johnny gets enough add clicks this week (repeated clicking doesn't help in the same few hours). I will come out of retirement and finish the FFA Series... Please, if you like this stuff at all, click the adds.

I don't get any money from them, but I am doing this in a tribute to Johnny_Vegas for putting the site up and maintaining it.
#128 Whoop ([10835]
I doubt anyone is reading these comments at this point..well excpet the comment king (whore) YRM. But anyways to slayer im not a 1100-1200 player the highest I ever got was 1047.
#129 Mark4 ([10856]
Yeah, whoop sucks. He isn't secretly a god. YRM has inspired me to semi retirement too. =[
#130 Simofett ([10905]
AAAAA starcraft it's always fun to see the american's and canadian's duking it out, i'm from winnipeg, oh yeah YOURROLEMODEL funny how you said winnepeg ^_^ seriously it's funny.
#131 Xd's Grrrr....... ([10925]
You guys fucking suck shit, I'd fuck up all of you chobo ass bitches any race any map. Dont even try to represent if u cant even win a comp stomp game nigga!!!!!!!!
#132 Zileas ([10926]
I will have to agree with Grrrr. Fuck you guys are horrible we will fuck u up with drones and probes. What kinda shit is that? Fuckin newbie ass bitches. Actually I would fuck you up by myself. Just reply to this and name a place and time and its on. I retired from Starcraft, but after looking at this shit I think im gonna have to come back just to beat ur asses!!!
#133 ([10970]
...and amazingly, Zileas and Xd's Grrrr are gay lovers who live together... as evidenced in the fact that they use the same IP.

Wait, what kind of Canadian says "chobo ass bitches"?

I think it's a trick.
#134 Ander Kryst ([11172]
Posts 143 & 144 are brought to you by: redefining stupidity.

YRM: Please make more reports. :)

Oh yeah, be supportive of good, quality the ads.
#135 AlexanderYoshi ([11218]
I never read any Battle Reports here, much. After seeing this last one I won't deny its great. I wish I had the time to use my graphics program like you do. =)

-<IMG "">Alex
#136 SFKnight ([11240]
Simple comments: YourRoleModel is the role model for battle reports. Thanks for making it fun and informative to read for us Gen-X'ers.

Poor Whoop, forever classified as a Ricky Martin groupie (or at least his units). And what the heck was JV's SCV's singing?

#137 YRM ([11259]
JV's SCV was singing bawitdabaw, but he didn't have the lyrics, so he messed them up.

The Canadians of course, were singing BareNakedLadies.

And... for the one or two of you still clinging to these posts.


Thanks for clicking the banner adds, please try to keep up the habit, it's so easy, and it does good for the site.
#138 Fungee-Test ([11307]
<img "file:///C:/Beggining.JPG">
#139 Orange-Fungus ([11308]
#140 Kelju Ivan ([11389]
Great BR. Never seen funnier. Keep it up buddy.
#141 Raistloaf ([11453]
Nice !
#142 Persian-POW ([11496]
YRM, please don't post ww3 ffa part II until a couple days after my new BR is up. Otherwise I will get a 1.
#143 WarSaga (bootp-38-148.bootp.Virginia.EDU)[11830]
Good god, how many post will follow? =) Anyways, YRM, GREAT post and I hope you go work for Blizzard = D

Oh yeah! Can you PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE do my lab report? I'll click on that banner like I used to in Diablo everyday!
#144 EmperorSpuzzum! ([13167]
Okay, first off, I'm a newb =(. Second, I'm Canadian =)(Coquitlam, BC, so don't think I'm a Yankee pretending to be Canadian). Thirdly, to all you other Canadians up there, the humor was in good fun (at least mostly, see the next note), and I enjoyed it immensely (except for a sec, when you talked about "eh" you had me worried there YRM...) and I'd gladly play against an American just to have fun (and get my ass beaten within the first 15 seconds) and not to become a superstar.

Good job YRM, but don't scare us like that...

(and Quebecers (they even have the nerve to call themselves QUEBECOIS!) are not on my list of faves... sorry orc and king)

<a href="">Drop a smart intelligent (newbie) tactician Canadian a line</a>.

eh <=== only Quebec'ers and Ontarionians do that crap.
#145 EmperorSpuzzum! ([13474]
Oh, forgot about the IP address =P (I never had to proclaim my powerful background). Anyways, I was just commenting on how lame you would have to be to pretend that you're Grrrrr..... just to get attention when the IP address is quite obvious.

And you never even spelled his name right!

Its "X'Ds~Grrrrr....." you moron.
#146 _CraZy_ ([16545]
CANADA ROCKS FACE IT even if I am part american =) anyway awesome report man !!!
#147 _CraZy_ ([16546]
I have beat many americans by the way so I always stand up to the challenge !!
#148 mofo ([21133]
heh, cool i'm from coquitlam too...

btw this report rocks
#149 Dr. Dre[36014]
Sweet ass report YRM. I laughed my ass off the whole report and I am Canadian. Btw we own you guys =)

and whats up with all these double postings?
#150 Dr. Dre[36016]
Another thing YRM, starcraft players don't become masters overnight. You've only been played for a year and you already know X'ds~Grrr..., Mark4, and all the rest! Hell I've been playing this f'n game since the week it came out (95 methinks) and only recently I have gotten good. Fuck I remember last year I had a 984 ladder rating! Heh but I'm a lot better now thought =)
YRM you're lucky you've only been playing for a year and you're already pretty good, not to mention a fucking damn good Battlereporter =] You're probably better than me, and I've been playing this shit since Warcraft 1.
BTW what channel you guys hang out in?
#151 Jamellan[36994]
#152 Snakeyez[45514]
kick @$$ battle report! I give it a 10. hilarious and fun 2 read! btw, Toronto rules baby!!!
#153 [56965]
How can anyone ever compete with your reports ever? You are just GOD.

#154 [71361]
Godly still...
#155 [73126]
I like reading this again
#156 ((Crippler))[74454]
Canada rules, too bad Lewis and Orc didn't win...
#157 Cearas[82255]
The first report I ever read, and it still doesn't get any better than this one. You own. I remember clicking on a link to this from some SC/BW fan site.
#158 Dialtone_[87796]
this is the best report EVAR!
#159 [89465]
i like reading this again too, since all the other good old brs have broken pics :p
#160 Raven31[96201]
Agreed =.
#161 John[103143]
Last on a YRM report btw, The american song was cool
#162 <img>[104665]
^ Just wanted to play around with the image thing that everyone is trying to do.
#163 [104667]
must have to do with pixel size of image being the same
#164 Furious[106342]
This was without a doubt the greatest BR ever, how someone gave it a 9 I dont know!
#165 hussein[113640]
the rock is the best u knowwhat i mena about that soooooooooooooo if u smelllll what the rock is cooking
#166 <html> <img> </img> </html>[121527]
the immage... does it work?
#167 <html> <img> </html>[121528]
the last one didn't work... does this one does? (i konw.. bad grammar, but "I cordially don't give a shit"
#168 <>[121529]
ok, i give up. Anyway, the br kicks ass
#169 thebroods[121530]
ok, i give up. Anyway, the br kicks ass
#170 xin)squirrel, a starcraft gommer - eh, what's a gomer?[142632]
Hey! That was a very fuuun read. Especially the probes that look like they're just sitting there, and one of them says "It's been 3 days" At first I thought it was a comment about bad harvester management ... but then I remembered the bareneked ladies. oooooohhh.

By the way, I am naturalized Canadian (not born :/), and I LOOOVE this country. I wasn't offended by it - it was hilarious, but I am not sure about some of my mates here... and I say "eh" more than anyone I know.

I am very impressed by the humour, originality, and detail in your work ... very nice ... and good to hear you're back.

I started playing Used Map Settigns - after I came back from school to find out that I suck at starcraft. Oh well, now it's more fun I think. It's not hard to come across want-to-be-morons on bnet, but hey, male teenagers are like that.

If u go to Toronto, the Greek restaurants by Pape station roxors, but kind of expensive.
#171 xin)squirrel a starcraft gommer[142633]
very funny I didnt' realize this was posted in 99 - isn't that like 4 years ago?
#172 mykal[149953]
Nice report, I loved it. I hate canadians though, I am an american over in Afghanistan staying in Camp Julien which is a canadian camp, and they are all assholes. I read battlereports on my time off, and YRM you have the best ones. I search for you by name. BTW what is the channel you guys always play in, I would like too game one of you if my skills are not to newby now. Been here for 6 months. Guarding hajji and patrolling the shitfilled streets of Kabul. Well, thx for the laughs! -Long time reader, first time poster
#173 solo[164426]
U are great YRM. This report is a masterpiece. And i admire Canadian chicks also. :)

#174 Raider[165076]

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