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"His wraiths were doing 0.01 damage to my ultras every hour!"

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- Image Heavy

These reports have a lot of images, prepare for a long download!

- Famous Reporter

This report was written by a famous or well known reporter.

- Old Classic

This report was a true classic, but now is a little dated.

- Gorgeous

This report is amazing to look at.

- Great Writing

This report has extremely good writing.

- Pro Player

This report is about professional gamers.

- Long

This report is frickin' HUGE!

- Funny

This is report was drop dead hilarious.

- Fan Fiction

This report is a fiction story loosely based on a game.

- Strategy Focused

The writing focuses on strategy analysis.

- Tutorial

This report doubles as an introduction on how to play a game.

- Funny Comments

The comments section is (possibly) better than the report.

- Series

This report is part of a series.

- Flashy

This report contains more than images and text (movie or flash, etc..)

- Text Only

This is a text only report

- Starcraft

This is a report on starcraft or starcraft broodwar.

- Warcraft 3

This is a report on Warcraft 3

- Civilization

This is a report on a civilization game.

- Rare game

This type of game hasn't been reported on often.

- Problem: Broken Images

This report has broken image links and needs fixing.

- Problem: Spam

This report should be deleted.

Current classification counts for report: none

I want to see a list of reports that still need classifications!